WATCH: This ‘Howling’ Husky Has the Internet Covering Its Ears

by Megan Molseed

This adorable husky pup doesn’t care who hears when she sings in the shower! But there’s a good chance that this howling husky isn’t going to be going very far on The Voice this season!

In a clip shared recently by The New York Post, we meet a very good girl named Freya. And Freya is being very vocal during a recent visit to the groomers. As the clip begins, we see the pretty pup sitting in the groomer’s basin, being rinsed and dried off by one of the groomers.

A caption over the adorably hilarious video notes that it’s “hard to tell if this howlin’ husky is happy…or screaming bloody murder.” And, just listening to the hilarious clip tells us that the howlin’ pup may be in distress as she gets washed and dried off. But one look at the clip tells a very different story. The pup looks to be very happy as she enjoys the grooming process!

We Wonder Why The Howlin’ Husky Isn’t Using Her Barking Voice!

Freya’s unusual vocals have us wondering, why doesn’t she use her barks to express her delight in her doggie spa day? Her howling style is certainly unusual. Whatever the case, Freya is happy as she enjoys her spray down.

As the video continues, the text notes that Freya may sound like she doesn’t like her visits to the groomers. However, her smiling face is what reflects her real feelings. According to the caption Freya “loves going to the groomer.” So her unusual singing must be this goodest girl’s way of relaxing during her bath.

What About Freya’s Audience? What Do The Other Pups Think Of Her Singing Skills?

The camera then pans around, showing some other pooches as they also enjoy an afternoon of being groomed by professionals. However, these pups don’t look nearly as excited as Freya. They are certainly a lot quieter, too. One large white dog sits and enjoys the blowout. Another dog, which looks to be a Bassett, is just chilling as Freya howls away.

Freya May Not Be Making It Onto The Voice But One Former Judge Discusses Decision To Say Goodbye To The Iconic Red Chair

Kelly Clarkson was one of the famous faces fans of The Voice remember from the popular reality TV show’s early seasons. Now the Since U Been Gone singer is opening up about her choice to step away from the series a few seasons ago.

“I had this conversation with a friend–I don’t know if balance is the word we should be using,” Kelly Clarkson says in a discussion with Entertainment Tonight.

”Because it’s never gonna be perfectly balanced, right?” the singer continues.

“‘Cause everything ebbs and flows,” Clarkson says.

“I texted the other coaches and the executive producer and everyone and I was like, ‘I’m really sorry, you know, I gotta take a minute,'” the star relates.

“And everybody understood it,” Clarkson adds. “They’ve been on this ride with me behind the scenes and they get it. Some have gone through similar situations.”