WATCH: This Hunting Dog Is Pure Instinct Upon Spotting a Cat in Hilarious Clip

by Tia Bailey
Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

A video of a hunting dog shows a funny moment. The now viral-video showcases the dog noticing a cat, and her reaction is great.

The video, shared to Hindustan Times, features German Shorthaired Pointer named Pepper. The caption on the clip reads “When you take your hunting dog on walks.”

Pepper spots a cat and stands completely still. She stands that way for the whole clip, still as a statue, and just stares the cat down.

The video is hilarious. Pepper’s owner shared it to Pepper’s Instagram account, @pepper.the.gwp. The caption reads: “When you take your hunting dog on walks #gsp#germanshorthairpointer#puppy#gwp#germanwirehairpointer#drahthaar#drahthaaraddiction#pointerpuppy#dontbesuspicious.”

Hunting Dog Ignores Bison in Favor of Goose

Another funny video of a hunting dog was shared last month. A TikTok shows a black lab at Yellowstone National Park.

In the clip, the pup is sitting in the passenger seat of a car. Right next to her outside the window, a bison is walking around. However, the dog is staring straight ahead, and the camera zeroes in on what she is prioritizing — a goose.

The TikTok reads: “ignores bison, only cares about singular goose.” The funny video is captioned: “all her life’s training has led to this moment #yellowstone #birddog #labradorretriever #gooddog #doglove #wildlife #dogsofttiktok #doglife #granola.”

Other TikTok users in the comments loved the video, which currently has over 300 thousand likes.

Bison Stampede Storms Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park has a large bison population. However, sometimes it can still be shocking for people to experience just how many there are.

Recently, a giant herd of the animals ran across a bridge in the park. People caught a video of the incident.

“We saw a bald eagle on the North side of the bridge and around 10 bison in view on the other side not knowing 10 would turn into a hundred,” the visitor captioned the video. “The bridge shaking and a hundred bison running towards you was exhilarating.”

Yellowstone’s official Twitter account shared information about the animals. They wrote: “Bison mating is still going on in #Yellowstone. Male bison are particularly aggressive right now, though all bison and other wildlife can be dangerous. Always keep your distance—25 yards from #bison & elk; 100 yards from all other wildlife. #NationalPark #WhatWildlifeDoWednesday.”

According to the US Park Service, there are between 2,500 and 5,000 bison in the Yellowstone National Park area — and even that is a “conservative” statistic. It is always best to exercise caution when visiting a park, especially one of Yellowstone’s caliber.

While many people love being among nature, many encourage visitors to realize that they are entering the wildlife’s territory. It is always best to come prepared for anything, and if you’re lucky, you may experience an amazing animal encounter safely.