WATCH: Thousands of Fish Crawl on Land in Bizarre Video

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

Not something you see every day, a video has surfaced on Facebook that shows apparently thousands of fish crawling on land. 

The video, which was posted by Ali Mohamed Belouizdad showed a group walking up and seeing the fish making their way through the sandy road. “An amazing stream of fish,” the video’s caption reads. 

It’s not clear exactly what’s going on, but Newsweek managed to access the comment section to share what one Facebook user wrote. “Looks similar to when food water has breached lakes and the flow is headed to the next lake, river system,” the explanation reads. “Red claw do a similar thing and have seen large quantities on the move, all part of nature.”

The commenter said it’s ok for this to happen. Just as long as the flood waters keep pushing into the next system. However, another commenter had another thought about what exactly happened. “I’m guessing further up the road, a tanker trunk transporting baby fish has sprung a leak,” they wrote. “Shame they will all be dead once that water dries up.”

San Francisco Saw Fish Coming From the Sky This Past Summer 

This isn’t the first time this year that fish have been involved in really weird situations. Newsweek reported that in late June 2022, it was raining anchovies in San Francisco. 

The media outlet reported at the time that the fish were falling from the sky onto the city’s streets. Experts stated that it may be due to an “explosion” of the population nearby. Witnesses to the incident took to Reddit to share their experiences. 

“About 12 eight-inch silver fish just rained down from the sky onto [their] friend’s house (roof and back deck),” one Reddit user explained. Another commenter also wrote, “Saw smaller, about 5-6 inch long, skinny sardine-looking fish scattered in one part of the Arboretum.” 

Local fishermen revealed the strange fish situation was caused by seabirds. The birds were gorging themselves on the anchovy population in San Francisco’s bay. And then dumping the fish out as they were flying off. Adam Ratner, an Associate Director of Conservation Education at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito also discussed the situation. “The water temperature right now do appear to be colder than normal,” he explained. “And this has provided some much-needed food for animals such as anchovies, seabirds, and marine mammals.”

Larry Collins, President of the San Francisco Community Fishing Association, also said that more birds have been going into the bay lately. “From Half Moon Bay to Point Reyes, people are telling me they’ve been seen bait this thick. I heard stories just last week from guys who said that the water there is just veered with thousands of birds.”

Collins then said that the birds were just sitting on the water with anchovies in their mouths. “Because they can’t eat anymore,” he added.