WATCH: Three-Legged Buck Refuses to Back Down in Rut Showdown

by Emily Morgan
(Photo via Getty Images / ClassicStock / Contributor)

When bucks enter the annual rut, you’ll typically find the biggest and most impressive deer; however, sometimes, an underdog emerges. That’s exactly what happened recently when a three-legged whitetail buck gave his all during a rut showdown.

As many wildlife experts will know, the rut is an opportunity for deer to show off and take every chance to fend off any challengers. However, most of the time, smaller or abnormal-looking bucks don’t have much of a chance. Yet, for his buck, he figured out a way to hold his own.

The account, White Tail Properties, recently posted incredible footage to their Instagram page, showing a small-antlered, three-legged deer going antler-to-antler with another buck.

The deer and the four-legged deer have an intense moment, yet the underdog holds his ground perfectly. Then, finally, the other deer backed down.

After they posted the clip, people took to the comments to write about how impressed they were with the deer’s determination and resilience, despite his lacking a leg.

Someone wrote, “These deer are amazingly tough! Imagine if this were people. Most would give up and quit and sit in a chair the rest of their lives! These wild animals don’t have that option!!”

Another wrote that they would love to know more about the deer’s story: “I wish this deer could write a book. Incredible resilience.”

Social media users commend three-legged buck for holding its own

Another user also wrote they harvested a three-legged deer while they hunting this season, “I harvested a 3 legged buck, years ago during youth season, the leg had hardened over, and when I got him he came by with a doe, head down running, didn’t even notice he was missing a leg until we recovered him and the rack was all goofy.”

In addition, one of the other comments wrote that his endurance comes from being a whitetail deer, “I think whitetails are probably one of the tuffest (sic) and will to live animals in the woods.”

Many of the hunters in the comments also said they’d seen three-legged deer while out hunting, and most said they usually opted not to hunt them. However, they love to keep track of abnormal specimens and see how they’re doing every season.

According to experts, quadrupeds, the word for four-legged creatures, are far more adaptable than humans when losing limbs.

As it turns out, animals have several coping mechanisms that allow them to survive with few problems, despite lacking a leg. When an animal loses a limb, it can often stand upright by taking a “tripod” stance and distributing its weight evenly.

In addition, this stance is especially easy for cats, squirrels, foxes, and other animals with long tails. These animals can also use their tails as counterbalances when climbing. Moreso, according to Monika Melichar, zoologist, and founder of Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary, she says three-legged animals usually have no problem walking, jumping, and running.