WATCH: Ticked-Off Deer Bulldozes Disc Golfer Who Smacked It in the Face

by Alex Falls

When out in nature you need to be careful of your surroundings. Not just out of respect for mother nature, but to also stay in the good graces of the animals in the vicinity. A disc golfer learned his lesson the hard way when he messed with the wrong deer.

It’s unclear what led to the altercation, but the viral video shows the aftermath of a disc golfer and a deer going toe to toe. And the deer clearly won the fight.

Somehow the deer crossed paths with two disc golfers and their dog in the woods. Instead of steering clear, the deer faced them head-on. The person on camera got scared and attacked the animal with his frisbee, which didn’t seem to phase the deer in the slightest. Afterward, the man went down. Even his dog tried to get in the way but couldn’t do anything to stop the angry deer. He didn’t seem too worse for wear though once the deer finally ran off into the woods.

The clip went viral with people laughing at the deer getting one over on the aggressive disc golfer. One user pointed out he’s actually got lucky to just get knocked down. “Good thing that deer didn’t rip your wide open with those hooves.”

People pointed out how brave the dog in the video is. “Yea definitely tried to step on the dog,” said one user. “U need a bigger dog my pit would have fk him up,” hilariously said another.

A More Friendly Deer Encounter

This isn’t the first time this week that deer have gone viral. A new video shows that one man become absolutely mobbed by a massive herd of deer when he walked out of his garage. The clip, which you can view here, has deer that are far less forceful than the one who went up against the disc golfer.

While various wildlife, from squirrels all the way up to bears have been known to break into people’s homes on occasion, it’s obvious by the end of the clip that the man in the video has fed this herd before. Just like a herd of cats, the antlered animals gather in hope of scoring a free meal.

The clip begins as someone opens his garage door and comes face to face with what looks like a very friendly deer. As the man walks into his garage, the buck licks his lips and walks back out the door to join a ton of friends he’s brought along for the feeding.

The man ventures into the deer mob, turns the camera to himself, and showers a cup of grain behind him. Lovingly bringing the hooved friends in for an adorable selfie shot. Just goes to show the different reactions you can get from nature depending on how you treat your furry friends.