WATCH: Tied-up Boats Float Past Houses in Fort Myers as Hurricane Ian Bears Down

by Suzanne Halliburton
BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images

It’s just a hideous sight. The winds of Hurricane Ian are so severe that the storm is sweeping boats away from their docks.

A Twitter user named Jayden X posted a video clip as the cat 4 hurricane pushed boats past several houses. You can hear someone on the video say “holy crap” as they counted the boats going past. There were four. Then one person says “that’s why you don’t go outside.”

Jayden wrote: “Looks like the boats are out for an afternoon stroll in the city as Hurricane Ian is causing massive destruction in Fort Myers, Florida.”

Hurricane Ian Brought 150 MPH Winds to Southwest Florida

Hurricane Ian was a category 4 storm when it slammed the Florida peninsula. And it’s apparently mirroring the same path as Hurricane Charley from 2004. However, Ian probably will do far more damage. Rick Knabb, who works for The Weather Channel, tweeted: “This will produce a much wider swath of damaging wind, storm surge, flooding rains.”

Ian first made landfall at Cayo Costa. That’s a barrier island off the southwest Florida Then it made a second landfall on the Florida peninsula, sweeping through Fort Myers. The storm’s winds, at 150 mph, were catastrophic. You saw how they pushed boats as if they were toys. It also stripped the fronds off the tallest palm trees and contorted street signs like straws. The wind was so powerful in the eye wall that a father and his son-in-law struggled to keep their sliding glass closed.

In Naples, Ian brought a storm surge of more than six feet. Homes were starting to float away from their foundations. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the entire Naples downtown is flooded.

Mike Bettes, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel, posted video showing the frightening storm surge in Fort Myers.

Bettes tweeted: “*RARE* first person view of storm surge. This camera is 6 feet off the ground on Estero Blvd in Fort Myers Beach, FL. Not sure how much longer it keeps working.”