WATCH: Tiny Bear Cubs Attempt To Charge Cameraman

by Lauren Boisvert

A pair of cinnamon black bear cubs tried to charge at a cameraman and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today. The video starts with two bear cubs emerging from the side of the trail and galloping towards the man, who starts to back up. Maybe because he’s worried that the mother is somewhere nearby? I wouldn’t want to be caught out in the open with two bear cubs near me either.

But, the cubs just keep coming. The man actually says, “Stay back,” which the cubs seem to heed for a moment, before running again. The man keeps saying things like that, trying to get the cubs to back off. They sit still for a second, then when he starts to move away, they chase after him again. They eventually stay put when the man stops trying to leave.

The two little bears are so small that my heart is 100% melting. It’s tough to reconcile this image of tiny bear cubs with the reality that they will grow up into 600-pound black bears that could definitely kill me if threatened. But, for now, I can just marvel at how little and cute they are.

Hopefully, the cameraman didn’t run into the mother bear along the trail. Two cubs without a mother could spell disaster either way. Either for the cameraman, because she’s nearby somewhere, or for the cubs because something happened to her and they’re all alone. I don’t even want to think about that possibility. For what it’s worth, I hope the cubs still have their mother, and I hope the cameraman did not run into her. A win-win for everyone.

Bear Cub Rescued After Intoxication from ‘Mad Honey’

In the Duzce province of Turkey, an adolescent bear cub was rescued after eating a large amount of “mad honey.” The bear was recorded slumped over in a truck bed, completely intoxicated. “Mad honey” is a type of honey produced from rhododendrons and called “deli bal” in Turkish. The honey has hallucinogenic qualities, and the bear ended up totally stoned.

Those who found the bear quickly called for a rescue. They brought the bear to a veterinarian, who began the bear’s treatment. Most likely, if the cub recovers well enough, it’ll be released back into the wild. Authorities commented at the time that the bear was in good condition, and expected it to make a full recovery. Additionally, the Turkish agriculture ministry on Twitter called upon residents to come up with a name for the bear. Might I suggest Stoney-Baloney? Or maybe Baked Beans? Either way here’s hoping the bear made a successful recovery and also learned an important lesson about saying no to drugs. Don’t make me call D.A.R.E., because I will.