WATCH: Tiny Fluorescent Blue Octopus Crawls on Person’s Hand

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Deep within the oceans lie some fantastic sights, no doubt. In fact, you don’t even have to go too deep into the sea to find impressive water-dwelling animals. Now, we have no idea where an octopus such as this tiny blue baby octopus shared on the Weird Animals Twitter page would be found…and chances are, this particular one isn’t currently a part of the larger oceanic wildlife. It very likely resides in an aquarium somewhere. Wherever it originated though, this baby octopus is still one of the coolest…cutest…and weirdest creatures we have seen.

“Blue baby octopus!” notes the recent Weird Animals Twitter post.

It’s an adorable video. Even if you aren’t necessarily charmed by these massively intelligent creatures, to begin with. The animal’s big octopus eyes seem to be gazing up as the teeny tiny marine mollusk crawls on a person’s hand. Barely big enough to cover the width of the fingers. It almost looks like it has a plan, too. The video captures the tiny blue baby octopus as the animal confidently as it moves across the fingers, seemingly peering off beyond the hand at something else it would like to explore.

The Octopus Is A Highly Intelligent Creature

One response to the recent Twitter post notes that octopuses are “highly intelligent than all other kinds of invertebrates.”

“They are the only invertebrate which has been shown to use tools,” the Twitter comment notes.

“some retrieving discarded coconut shells,” the commenter explains. “and reassembling them to use as shelter to protect their soft bodies.”

Woman Shows Off A Tiny Blue And Yellow Octopus – Without Realizing It Is Highly Venomous

This little one may be adorable, but other octopi can kill in just minutes. Thankfully, one woman did not find out the hard way…even though she very nearly faced certain injury or death when she held a highly venomous octopus.

The woman and a few of her friends passed around the tiny blue and yellow ocean dweller for a few minutes, on TikTok video shows. All while they are clearly unaware that one bite from this octopus can paralyze an adult human in just minutes. And, to make the scary fact even scarier…there is no known antidote for the bite.

@octomomkp Called my dad crying 3 hours later in Bali🙃 #blueringoctopus #bali #uluwatu #fyp #imdumb #thanksjesuschrist #ShowerWithMoxie #EnvisionGreatness ♬ Oh No Oh No Oh No No No – Dubskie

According to the TikTok video that has since gone majorly viral, the woman and her friends had no idea how venomous the little octopus could be. However, they learned later how dangerous the move was.

In the clip, the woman holds the tiny blue-ringed octopus in her hand. Another friend tosses some water on the octopus as it crawls on the woman’s hand. However, some fast clips note that she soon learned how deadly this tiny creature could be…and she’s amazed to get out of the situation unscathed.

“Called my dad crying 3 hours later in Bali!” the video’s caption reads. As the clip comes to an end the woman shares the message “Cheers for still being alive.”