WATCH: Tiny Viper Swallows Massive Egg in Jaw-Dropping Viral Clip

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Nature is incredibly amazing, and this viral video of a viper swallowing a massive egg just adds to the many layers of its mystery. We admit that we’ve never seen something like this in our lives. But this viper is going to put this entire egg in his mouth. If you are queasy about things like this, then maybe you ought to sit this one out.

But most of the people who come along here actually like these types of videos. And heaven knows, this one will make people sit up in their chairs. Obviously, a viper has his own plans when munching out. Yet we don’t think this falls into the munching-out category. Nope, this is more like having dinner. One big, fat egg for the meal of the night.

When you watch this, then take note of how long it takes the viper to get the egg going down his throat. It’s like the viper has to time his bite. While we don’t know what the human equivalent of this might be, there are restaurants with big steak nights. You know, go on in and take your best shot at a large-ounce steak. If you eat it all, then you get it for half price or for free.

This Viper Is Determined To Get This Egg Down His Throat

Getting a large-ounce steak down the throat will take some time. Of course, if you are a professional eater, then you might be getting it down your throat easier than others. But this viper is a determined one. He’s really going to make sure that the egg is fully placed in his throat. Man, we have to see this on repeat.

Like, watch it once, shake our heads, then watch it again. Maybe you have seen this type of thing before. And, of course, it might amaze you, too. But there probably are some of you who wonder how a viper can do this. Maybe you would like to ask the viper a question or two. Yet getting very close to a viper is not a good idea. You might be brave and strong. You know, nothing shakes your confidence. This, though, just might make you think twice about dealing with a viper. Anyway, when you see a viper, are you going to get a large egg for it? Some of you probably want to see a viper repeat this process in front of your very eyes. Maybe you will take a video and share it with the world, too.