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WATCH: Tourist Gets Too Close to Kangaroo, Gets Taken Down After it Charges Her

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It seems like we’re on repeat these days, discussing terrifying moments when tourists get way, way too close to wild animals in their natural habitat. This, of course to many, seems like a common-sense move. However, not all of us hold this type of common sense, it seems. And that can lead to some major injuries…something that this tourist narrowly escaped as she gets too close to a kangaroo in New South Wales recently.

This Kangaroo Wasn’t Looking To Make Any Friends

The clip depicting this terrifying moment was shared on Instagram recently. It’s clear that this kangaroo wasn’t looking to make friends. It makes this very clear to the tourist who gets way too up close and personal with the wild animal. Thankfully, however, the kangaroo was willing to pull some punches because the attack could have been way, way worse.

According to a post shared on Instagram by the Tourons Of Yellowstone, this tourist got a first-hand look at what happens when someone gets too “close and personal with nature.”

Reading the caption that coincides with the video, we learn that this woman was enjoying the sights during a recent hike. The tourist, the Insta caption explains, is walking “through the stunning and picturesque landscape of Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales.”

Now, as the Instagram caption points out – quite obviously – the name of the location gives off a clue as to who/what type of animal rules the area.

“The name of the location certainly gives off the vibe that roos will be strolling around en masse,” quips the Tourons Of Yellowstone comment in the Instagram caption. The post goes on to point out that this particular tourist was “pleasantly treated with an opportunity to pat one of the animals.” However, the post says, “you should not do that.”

Do Not Pet The ‘Roos!

As the video shows, this tourist spotted a kangaroo hanging around the water’s edge. The kangaroo is looking to be minding its own business. The tourist walks cautiously down the hill headed toward the kangaroo, who doesn’t seem to notice her at first. However, the wild animal’s instincts soon kick in and it turns to see the tourist slowly approaching.

As the Instagram post points out, these “roo’s” aren’t exactly placid creatures, or timid at all, really. We see this first-hand as the kangaroo runs (or hops) toward the tourist, knocking her down. The kangaroo doubles back for a quick moment. However, it must know that the tourist is down and doesn’t pose a threat. The animal moves on, hopping up the hill. The caption points out that kangaroos will “certainly get up in your grill if they feel threatened.”

And, the post says, “it looks like that’s exactly what’s happened.”