WATCH: Tourist High-Fives Bear Out of the Window of His Car

by Sean Griffin

In this hilarious video shared to Outsider’s Twitter page, a tourist beckons a bear to its car and casually high-fives it from his window. While the video produces a hilarious result, we wouldn’t advise repeating the same behavior. Things could’ve gone very differently in this encounter.

However, in the cute display, the bear ventures toward the car and stands on its hind legs. It seems to mimic the man’s hand as he tries to make a high-fiving motion. Eventually, the bear’s paw and the man’s hand connects.

The bear, still standing on its hind legs, backs away slowly. Then, it hops back down on all fours and retreats back toward the group of its companions on the side of the road.

“Casually high-fiving a bear,” Outsider’s tweet says. “Incredibly dumb, yet incredibly cool.

Fortunately for these tourists, this beast had some manners. In the following encounter, we’ll see a bear who has no sense of personal boundaries.

Black Bear Harasses Tourist Who Stands Frozen in Fear

These incredibly brave hikers in Alberta, Canada stood still for an entire minute as a large black bear searches them for food.

In the clip, the faces of the young hikers range from slightly amused to petrified of the bear. The big mammal walks up and inspects the group. It focuses on one girl during the majority of the encounter.

For the duration of the clip, which lasts a heart-pounding minute, the bear stands on its hind legs and hugs and leans on one hiker, who stays incredibly still during the entire encounter.

Words across the video read: “this situation could have gone wrong very quickly.” Fortunately, the hikers decided not to move and allowed the creature to assess them. Eventually, the bear walks off disinterested.

@muzik2112 Very smart not to move ! #fyp #foryourpage #wilderness #banff #alberta #tictok #becareful #bears #world #canada #haveagoodday #besafe ♬ Creepy, scary, horror, synth, tension – Sound Production Gin

Commenters remarked on the bravery of the hikers. “WOW,” one wrote. “AMAZING ON HOW U ALL STAYED COOL.”

“Bro I get scared of dogs,” another said. “Can’t imagine myself in that situation.”

In a similar incident in Anchorage, Alaska, a tourist sustained minor injuries on Sunday night. A black bear approached the woman and swatted at her several times. The bear made contact with her twice in what local wildlife officials deem an “extremely rare” incident. The crazy encounter occurred on the city’s urban trail system.

The victim has yet to be identified. However, they were walking near Mile 7 of the popular Tony Knowles Coastal Trail in the Point Woronzof area. The area is near the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, the incident occurred around 6:00 p.m. A woman and a bicyclist saw the bear about fifty yards away. The bear walked toward them down the trail, and the pair then retreated. Then, the creature went into the woods in a parallel direction to the trail about twenty-five yards away.