WATCH: Tourists Stop Van Next To Bull Elk, Immediately Get Charged by the Huge Animal

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

In this crazy footage posted to YouTube a year ago, a bull elk shows how unhappy he is with a white van, and the passengers immediately regret stopping in front of the huge animal.

The twenty-second clip features the van pulling up to the elk. Then, the elk rushes over and thrusts its head forward to butt the van back, coming within a few feet from making contact.

As the van drives forward to escape, the elk backs up and then charges forward, ramming the side of the van. The collision makes a dent and a huge boom. Then, the bull elk lets out a long and piercing call. The clip ends shortly after.

You can watch the entire encounter below. Since being posted online last September, the clip has garnered over a million views.

“I’d keep those dents in my vehicle if that happened to me. Good conversation piece,” one person wrote in the comment section.

During the elk rut, it’s a good idea to avoid all males, who become more aggressive around this time of year.

Elk rutting season occurs when the males attempt to dominate and earn the right to mate, often resulting in clashing among males. Bulls become particularly aggressive and release powerful pheromones. They also display their muscular antlers, necks, and bodies prominently.

Absolutely Massive High-Fence Bull Elk Is a Potential World Record Breaker

This massive bull elk killed on a high-fence ranch in southeastern Idaho could potentially set a new world record in the famed Safari Club International’s Record Book.

Last week, Brian Dhooghe harvested the bull from Broadmouth Canyon Ranch. He then brought the meat from the animal into Bay City Sausage in Aberdeen, Washington, to be processed last week.

The local game processor posted photos of the huge bull’s rack on Facebook on October 8th. The post has gone viral, and the majority of those comments frown upon Dhooghe and the practice of shooting elk on one of these high-fence game reserves.

Most outdoors organizations like the Boone & Crockett Club and the National Deer Association don’t believe high-fence hunting is equivalent to traditional fair chase. However, while most agree on this, high-fence hunting is a multi-million dollar industry.

The Facebook post containing photos of the unreal bull elk is located below.

Some commenters on the Facebook post questioned if the animal was actually real. Many claimed the pictures were Photoshopped. However, according to a worker at Bay City Sausage named Kyle Strode, who saw the rack with his own eyes. He says that it’s definitely real.

“Yeah, it was pretty wild. I took a picture of the rack,” Strode tells Outdoor Life, adding that he knew Dhooghe from processing other animals he’d brought there over the years. “Brian has been bringing stuff in forever. So, yeah. It’s a legit animal.”