WATCH: Trail Cam Footage Captures Mountain Lion Stalking Unfortunate Coyote in the Night

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

According to a viral video, we get a chance to observe how a mountain lion will be pursuing a coyote into the night. This all takes place along a Southern California trail. Also, this scene, which is a bit eerie, pops up on a motion-sensor camera that is kept by Mark Girardeau of Orange County Outdoors. USA Today’s For The Win reports that this footage will start by showing a coyote trotting rather quickly down the trail.

We will then observe that the mountain lion, or maybe a cougar, goes out in a cautious pursuit. All of this turns into an apparent ambush that happens. It takes place after both animals appear to vanish into the darkness. Girardeau would urge his viewers to turn up the volume on the video. This would reveal how the whole scenario probably ended. The coyote can be heard crying out while under attack. This video, which you can see right here, tells the full story.

Mountain Lion Happened To Capture Its Prey

“The coyote was trotting along as they usually do and unaware of the mountain lion which just happened to be walking along his normal route,” Girardeau would write. “Just before entering the frame, the mountain lion noticed the coyote and went into action to secure his next meal. Notice how the mountain lion pounces quietly rather than sprinting.”

Girardeau said that mountain lions happen to be ambush hunters that rely on stealth maneuvers to capture their prey. “After checking the area, we noticed lots of coyote fur but did not locate a kill so we’re uncertain of the outcome,” he would say. Girardeau noted that mountain lions are known to drag kills off-trail often. “Our guess is that the mountain lion was successful based on other nearby cameras which showed him hanging out in the area for the entire night afterwards.”

We happen also to learn that this mountain lion happens to be a young male and is nicknamed Toro. The animal is scientifically cataloged as M313. Girardeau would say that Toro might be the father of kittens born to Uno. That mountain lion occasionally appears before Girardeau’s cameras. This footage happens to be captured on private property in the Orange County Wilderness.

This animal can be a very dangerous one to be around. Just take note of what happened in this video. As you might be able to account, they will chase after their prey. But it is never a good idea to actually get too close to these animals. They can wreak havoc on other animals and even human beings, too. So, take note of the many stories about this animal and beware.