WATCH: Trail Camera Captures Bobcats ‘Screaming’ at Each Other

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

This trail camera captured two adult bobcats making noises to each other, and the footage is simultaneously intriguing and terrifying.

The video’s poster believes one cat is male and the other is female, and their vocalizations are mating calls.

However, we certainly wouldn’t want to hear these noises in the wilderness.

“These two bobcats are doing a bit of a love dance with vocalizations,” user Jasonbear wrote in his caption to the video. “The lighter bobcat is the male the darker is the female. Not many people realize what vocalizations come from such a beautiful feline. Bobcat’s are pound for pound some of the toughest animals in the world.”

The footage can be viewed below, where the two bobcats stand near each other and make these harsh vocalizations.

Plenty of users on YouTube commented on the video, reacting to the viral footage.

“This is what my house cat sounds like when he gets super pissed off about seeing the neighborhood cat out the window,” one user wrote.

“Imagine hearing this at night at 2 am camping,” one user joked. “I’d s*** myself.”

“Good video,” another user wrote. “Something not seen and heard too often, I wouldn’t think. Bobcat is a very elusive animal.”

Man Fights Off Bobcat Barehanded in His Backyard To Save His Dog

A Canadian man named Joel Anstett fought off a bobcat in his backyard to save his dog. The incident occurred on July 20th.

Anstett, of Ashcroft, British Columbia, sustained multiple injuries while rescuing his beagles from the clutches of a bobcat. The man received tetanus and rabies shots after being bitten by the bobcat. Furthermore, he also sustained scratches on his arms and legs.

Anstett talked to Field & Stream about the incident. His let his dog Apollo outside around 11:30 pm. However, Anstett noticed that over the previous nights, his dog had acted strange when outside alone. Astett decided he should go outside with the dog.

“As soon as I opened the door, he put his nose straight in the air and took off right for the corner of our house,” Anstett says. “I heard a loud thud, like something jumped on him and took the wind out of him. Then he let out a big yelp.”

Rushing to investigate, he saw what he first thought was a lynx. However, soon he realized it was a large bobcat. The bobcat was on top of the dog, and Anstett rushed to Apollo’s aid.

“Apollo is a big beagle, and that bobcat completely covered him,” he says. “When I was wrestling it, I tried to force my arm into its throat and that’s when it turned and bit me. Then it was survival mode for the cat. It was clawing, biting, took a good chunk off the tip of my finger. It left five or six teeth marks in my index finger and took a nail completely off.”