WATCH: Trespassing Squirrel Steals Cookies, Attacks Responding Police Officer

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Andrew John Page via Getty Images)

Squirrels are common across the United States. It’s not rare to catch them hopping from tree to tree while they gather nuts or go about their day, especially for rural residents. However, you don’t have to go out into the sticks to find one of these nut-hoarding rodents. Cities like New York and Washington DC have huge populations of the bushy-tailed creatures. Usually, they are happy to stay in parks or other outdoor areas. Once in a while, though, one decides to slip into a home. That’s when things can get interesting.

In 2017, a squirrel made its way into a Brockport, New York home, raided their kitchen, and helped itself to a plate of cookies, and a place to nap. Body-cam footage from the police officers sent to investigate the tree-climbing trespasser shows that things got a little out of hand. While the creatures usually seem docile or even skittish, this specimen was cornered and jacked up on sugar.

“On December 29th, 2017, Brockport Police were called to a residence for a squirrel that had broken into the house, reportedly eating cookies,” according to the original post from the Brockport PD. “Officers were not expecting the warm welcome they would receive.”

Luckily, no one was hurt during the hilarious squirrel attack. They were later able to remove the critter from the home without injury. The post added that the homeowner was relieved to be free of their unwanted guest.

Squirrel Baits, Attacks Police Officer

It’s probably just a coincidence, but there could be some squirrely strategy at play here. As the officer enters the kitchen, he comments on the volume of the radio. He tells the homeowner he’s going to turn the radio down. As he approaches the device, we hear the homeowner state that the squirrel turned the radio on. The officer confirms before he’s attacked.

We see the squirrel fly out of the right corner of the kitchen, bound over a table, and launch itself directly at the officer. We see the feisty rodent collide with the body camera before going back to its hiding place.

Whether it was a calculated attack by the squirrel or not, it’s good to know that the incident wasn’t serious. Everyone involved laughed and they didn’t even get to see the tree rat’s face as he collided with the camera.

An Uncommon Incident

Squirrels don’t usually attack people. However, a handful of reports do show that some especially aggressive individuals have done damage to humans and pets. According to The Atlantic, the CDC doesn’t keep statistics on attacks from these animals because it’s so rare. Additionally, few people would report an “attack” like the one in the video above.

So, feel free to watch the squirrels frolicking through the trees, just don’t give them cookies.