WATCH: TV Reporter Reaches His Breaking Point With Pesky Elephant During Live Shot

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Uli Deck/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Maybe this pushy elephant wanted to get its five minutes of fame…or maybe it just wanted to give this TV reporter a little tickle. Whatever the case, however, it all makes for a hilarious viral moment as a reporter tries his best to remain composed while a playful elephant teases him with its trunk, getting a little too “nosy”!

The TV Reporter Can’t Keep His Cool With The Nosy Elephant Goofing Off In The Shot

It was supposed to be a piece on orphaned elephants for a Kenyan TV station. A couple of the subjects of the live report showed up to make their TV appearance on the broadcast. One of the elephants, however, was intent on taking center stage.

The reporter, Alvin Kaunda is working as an intern for the station and he was utilizing his professional skills very well for most of the shot. Keeping his composure even as one of the elephants gives him a little pat with its trunk. The reporter even maintained composure as the elephant moves its trunk up to Alvin’s ear.

The reporter didn’t even miss a beat when the animal took it a bit further, placing its trunk on his head. The breaking point, however, came when the orphaned elephant gave Alvin’s nose a little tickle. Even the most stoic reporter couldn’t avoid breaking out into giggles at this point. It’s really a heartwarming moment that shows how endearing these orphaned elephants truly are.

“Everyone wants to be the star!” quips the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Instagram page in a post sharing the hilarious clip to the social media site.

“Kindani was so inspired by Alvin’s performance that she decided to steal her own moment in the spotlight,” the post continues. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is the institution taking care of the elephants. These wild animals are receiving care here as they make their journey back into the wild.

“Props to @alvin.kaunda’s professionalism amidst a tangle of trunks,” the hilarious post continues. “and enormous thanks to @kbc_television for coming to learn more about our Orphans’ Project.”

This Reporter Happily Steps Right Into The Fold, Getting the Perfect Shot

The report focuses on the orphaned elephants. Each of whom is receiving care from the wildlife officials at the Shedrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. So, Alvin notes, it was important to him that he get a shot featuring the elephants in the background. He had no idea how hilariously adorable the whole situation would become.

“I wanted a very nice background with the elephants,” the reporter recalls.

“I’d kept my distance,” he adds. “But I was so focused and didn’t even realize they were getting close.”