WATCH: Two Bears Caught on Camera Exploring Florida Front Porch

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Stan Tekiela Author / Naturalist / Wildlife Photographer)

What happens when a pair of black bears decide to hang out on a porch for an evening? Well, based on a recent viral video it’s a bunch of hilariously bumbling chaos! These two curious bears ended up spending some time exploring the porch attached to a Florida resident one recent evening. Ultimately causing a bit of a ruckus as they dragged out the trash and got a nearby pup all worked up. ‘

Security Cameras Capture Wild Video As Two Bears Bumble Around A Florida Porch

Two curious black bears found their way onto an Apopka Florida home’s porch recently. Causing quite a ruckus as they bumbled about.

As the wild video clip begins, we see one of the two Florida black bears as it moves toward the home’s porch. The lone bear navigates its way in between two parked vehicles in the driveway before climbing the porch’s stairs. The other bear is already on the porch, knocking down objects as we hear a slight “clunk” sound over the footage.

This fallen object alerts a nearby pup who begins barking at the unexpected porch visitors. From the sounds of things, we are guessing the dog resides inside the home.

This could have been a frightening incident for anyone. Bears are cute, sure, but having them so close to your own home can be intimidating, to say the least! However, this Florida homeowner was excited about the encounter. In fact, she was pleased to have captured the footage of the curious – and hungry – animals who visited in the cloak of darkness.

“They, unfortunately, dragged out all the trash from one can,” notes the Florida homeowner, Bettina Brown, of the rambunctious bears.

“But that was okay with me for the experience,” she adds.

Bear Sightings Are Not Uncommon In The Sunshine State

According to reports, Florida is home to over 4,000 bears. Some areas of the Sunshine state are quite used to catching sight of these wild animals quite regularly. And, wildlife experts in Florida are offering recommendations for residents to be alert and remain “bear-wise.” Among these recommendations are the importance of securing trash cans and regularly making sure pets are in protected areas.

This is a hard lesson another Apopka couple learned when they had to think fast as a black bear began charging at them while they were walking their dog. Footage from the front porch camera caught the terrifying moments as the wild animal chased the couple and their small dog down the driveway of their home.

Bear sightings in the fall months are called the “fall shuffle” by experts. This is when the bears become more active, seeking out human food as the temperatures begin to plummet.