WATCH: Two Bears Caught in the Act in the Middle of Suburban Neighborhood

by Jonathan Howard

The great outdoors can be hilarious. And, when two bears hear the call of nature, well, they have to pick up and respond to it. That’s what happened in one upscale neighborhood as a resident drove by. Two black bears decided that they would use the high-end neighborhood as their honeymoon suite, and it led to a great video that has spread like a wildfire online.

Like they say, when a momma bear loves a papa bear… Anyway, check out the video below and see it for yourself.

Bears can get into all kinds of trouble when left to their own devices. From getting into people’s trash cans to breaking into houses and cars. So, of course, they’re going to do all kinds of other bear activities in neighborhoods and communities nearby.

Black bears, in particular, are known for getting themselves into human affairs. They are really clever animals with puzzle-solving skills and more. But, everyone has to take a break every now and then. For the residents of this neighborhood, they got a little show, and the two got to do what they needed to do. Maybe those cubs will be running around those streets this time next year.

It’s nice to see a funny video of bears instead of the more intense stuff that’s been going around lately. There was one video captured by a fisherman at night that might just send chills down your spine.

Bears Can Be Scary, Especially at Night

Any time a person comes into contact with a bear, it’s a tricky situation. Bears are not to be messed with, and you should keep your distance as much as possible. But, every now and then, you get to experience a moment of pure unfiltered nature at work. While out night fishing, a couple of anglers came up on a strange noise in the woods.

In the night, a bear had snagged an entire whitetail deer. Quite the catch for the large predator. While we like to think of these animals as eating honey and bugs and all kinds of other things like that, they do like to score a large meal or two when they can.

This bear was dragging the deer up the bank, and it honestly looked like it was straight out of a horror movie. All I know is if I saw something like this myself, I’d be going the other way as fast as I could. There’s just something eery about watching the video and seeing the bear do what it was made to do.

The point is, that bears might be funny and cute sometimes, but let’s not forget what they really are. Apex predators looking for the next meal that they can get.