WATCH: Two Bull Elk and Harem Crash Colorado Golf Course Green

by Sean Griffin
(Photo credit should read CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

In this viral video filmed in Estes Park, Colorado, a group of bull elk and harem crash a Colorado golf course during the rut.

“The elk rut continues in Estes Park! (Video taken from a safe distance with zoom),” the video’s description read on YouTube. A user named Kris Hazelton posted the footage.

In the video’s description, they continue: “Just listen to all the bugling and “galunking” (the throaty sounds in between bugles).”

The footage can be seen below.

The video depicts the massive group of elk huddled around various spots on the golf course green. A few elk spar playfully, while others chase after each other in the grass.

A bull elk interacts with cows in his harem in two distinct ways: herding and courtship. If a female wanders too far away from the harem’s range, the male will rush ahead of her. Then, the male obstructs her path and rushes her back to the harem. The bull elk may stretch out and lower its neck with the antlers laid back. The bull also may become violent and hit the female with its antlers.

However, during courtship, the bull approaches her with his head and antlers raised in a more genial manner. The male signals his intention to test the female for breeding by flicking his tongue. If not ready, a cow will lower her head and then weave from side to side while also opening and closing her mouth. The bull will stop in response in order not to scare her if this is the case. If not, the bull elk will begin to breed with the cow.

Elk Lets Out a Bellowing Bugle Cry In Front of Calves and Tourists on a Road

In this viral video posted to Instagram, an elk lets out a huge bugle cry in front of filming tourists and its entire herd of calves.

The video, which some commenters believe to also be filmed at Estes Park in Colorado, depicts a large herd of elk calves with their parents. A few seconds into the video, a huge, antlered elk lets out the intense, piercing screech.

A few cars line the roadway in the back of the frame, and other tourists look on as the calves graze in the grass.

“That’ll wake the neighbors up!” the account commented in the caption to the video.

“Oh deer,” one person wrote, chiming in with a clever pun.

The video can be viewed below.

Plenty of folks took to the comment section to voice their thoughts on the unique encounter.

“Now that songs stuck in my head,” one person joked.

“Polar express in real life,” one person said, commenting on the similarities between this elk and the reindeer’s squeals from the animated movie.

Popular account Meat Church commented: “The man has better scene control over his entire harem than I do over Mrs. Meat Church. Respect.”

“Ahhhh natures dinner bell,” another commenter joked.

A final user joked: “Christmas carolers already?”