WATCH: Two Deer Spotted Swimming Nearly a Mile Off of Nantucket Coast

by Shelby Scott

Summer might be coming to an end, however, two male deer in Nantucket decided to take a final dive before the first official day of fall arrives later this month. See the strange footage below.

Americans are used to seeing white-tailed deer populating the wilderness nationwide, bedding down in ferns and underbrush, and, occasionally, rising on their hind legs to snag out-of-reach treats. However, a pair of bucks taking a swim off the coast of Nantucket is definitely an unusual sight.

That said, the anchor for CBS News Boston shared that, as strange as the footage seems, deer are actually pretty avid swimmers.

Per the anchor’s account, the two deer featured in the clip are, as stated, a pair of bucks. One male boasts an already-impressive rack, with four viewable points. However, further image clarity could potentially reveal more. The second male is a juvenile and, for now, only boasts a pair of spikes atop its head.

Mature deer, however, aren’t the only talented swimmers. Last year, many animals, both wild and domesticated, became displaced at the hand of Hurricane Ida. And a video that went viral around that time shows reveals one man actually rescued a fawn from the floodwaters near his home and, by all accounts, seemingly domesticated him. See the tiny deer swim to safety below.

California Man Takes Chances With Mosquito Fire Feeding Local Deer

Northern California signifies one of many regions out West affected by increasingly dangerous wildfires. Currently, one of the most detrimental in the state is the Mosquito Fire, which has already scorched 60,000 acres. And while many residents in the fire’s path have evacuated, a few have refused to leave. That includes Placer County resident Greg Heller.

While 11,000 locals have fled their homes ahead of the growing wildfire and 9,000 others remain threatened, Heller has chosen to stay behind because the local deer population depends on him.

Speaking with CBS News, Heller said that he feeds a large herd of 20-30 deer every single day. Speaking about his decision to remain in his home despite wildfire threats, the CA resident said, “If you spend enough time with [the deer], you become attached. And I just had to make sure…I see them in a panic mode, you can read ’em.”

Heller has also proven to be a compassionate companion for his local human neighbors. Aside from caring for several dozen deer, Heller is also keeping an eye on his neighbors’ homes as he’s the only resident on his street to remain amid the evacuations. Above all else, he’s worried his neighbors could fall victim to looters.

“Everybody else left,” he shared with the outlet. “One guy’s gotta stay, right?”

He has a fair point though that potentially leaves Heller, not to mention his deer, in some serious danger in the case of a sudden flare. Because evacuations have already been enforced, police officers will not go door to door evacuating remaining residents but will only drive down local streets blaring a high-low siren warning anyone left to leave.

“The last thing I want to do is make their life difficult,” the deer whisperer said of local law enforcement.