WATCH: Two Dogs Play in Several Feet of Snow After Huge Buffalo Snowstorm

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Isa Terli/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Last weekend, Buffalo, New York was slammed with a historic snowstorm, with areas across the northwest region of the state seeing as much as six feet of snow in two days. While the storm definitely presented problems for a number of New Yorkers, with many people snowed in and others needing to be rescued, some of Buffalo’s furry residents took advantage of the record snowfall. Check out the following clip as two dogs joyously galavant through feet upon feet of snow.

The above clip of the dogs was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, November 18th as snow continued to pound NY. As per the caption, “This was filmed just outside of Buffalo NY after nearly 4 feet of snow fell in a 2-day window. Our 2 dogs enjoyed their time in the snow.”

When the clip begins, it’s clear to see both pups are anxious to trudge through the mounds of white snow. Big snowflakes continue to blanket the videographer’s yard as they follow one of the pups into the snow. Not at all anxious to go inside, one of the pups’ owners throws a snowball for him. While the happy canine can’t seem to find the snowball, he nevertheless enjoys tossing the white precipitation to and fro with his snoot.

Buffalo Dog Owners Take On 6 Feet of Snow

Some Buffalo pups were happier than others to head out in the snow as it came down over the weekend. While the pups above represent the majority, a clip that went viral on Twitter sees another dog much more hesitant about going outside. Check out the hysterical video here.

The clip, which by now has seen more than 166,000 views, begins as the Buffalo dog owner opens the door, taking in feet of snow. The dog tentatively steps outside before retreating back into his house. However, at the urging of his owner, he bravely takes on the snow, launching himself into what likely measures at least two to three feet of the white piles.

Suddenly, he disappears and his owner, hysterical, gestures for him to come inside to warm up. Viewers, shocked by the record snowstorm, flocked to the comments with diverse reactions to the video.

“Oh my,” one person wrote, “thats a lot of snow! You have my condolences.”

A second person laughed, “Poor pup.” One other viewer replied, “I love the initial ‘nope, forget it’ followed by ‘ah, the hell with it. Cannonball!'”

As much as we love watching dogs play in the Buffalo snowstorm, the lake-effect snow brought some serious threats to areas of NY. One person sustained serious damage to their house after the weight of the snow forced the roof to collapse. Sadly, two other New Yorkers died after suffering medical emergencies while clearing away feet of heavy, wet snow.