WATCH: Two Fired-Up Bull Elk Slam Into Moving Car in Colorado

by Shelby Scott

It’s one thing to explain to your insurance company that you accidentally hit a rutting bull elk. But it’s another entirely to explain two fired-up elks rammed your car while you stopped to record the fight. Unfortunately, for one Colorado driver, that seems to be the conversation he will have whenever he files a claim. A viral video, which you can view below, captures the moment two battling bull elk ram a CO driver’s car. And, according to Unofficial Networks, who states the animal’s antler’s destroyed the side mirror and penetrated the window, repairs sound costly. Check it out:

The video was posted on Reddit a year ago. Still, it saw loads of feedback and many believe the driver is actually the one at fault for the crash.

“You hit an elk? No! I got hit by an elk!” one viewer quipped. More seriously, another viewer advised readers to “Never say I hit a deer, elk or whatever. Always say I was hit by one. I have seen some insurance companies process the claim as an at fault because the person said they hit the animal implying (according to insurance) that it was avoidable and driver error. Saying it hit you then it’s unavoidable. Like a hail storm.”

Definitely a good bit of information, but regardless of how the cameraman describes the incident, other viewers still blame him over the bull elk for any potential wreckage.

“Well, he did stop to see the fight,” a third viewer pointed out. “It’s like slowing down to see another crash, and then someone crashing into you. It’s only your fault for that.”

On the part of the bull elks, one other viewer joked, “You like pitcha’s. Here’s a pitcha.”

A word of advice from Reddit then, if you happen to be driving past a bull elk brawl, it’s probably wise to just keep driving and resist the urge to pull out the camera.

Two Bull Elk Caught Sparring in Stunning Footage

The sparring match between the bull elks in the clip above is hindered by the profanities uttered by the overly curious driver as well as the shakiness of the camera. However farther east, in Cherokee, North Carolina, a volunteer ranger captured superb footage of two bulls fighting over a nearby pair of females. Check out the spectacularly clear scene below.

The video not only captures the elks’ iconic bugling, but we can also clearly hear the definitive clack of the males’ antlers as they come together and break apart.

The footage of the battling bulls though is also striking in its clarity. We not only see the thick layers and transitioning shades of color in the animals’ coats, but for one brief moment, we can see the whites of one of the elk’s eyes as it pursues its opponent.

The ranger, speaking about the footage, shared, “Every wildlife photographer would hope to shoot the Elk one day during rut. Usually, all you get is them sparring. This is the real deal.”