WATCH: Two Massive Bulls Bring Their Fight Into Store, Owner Tries His Best to Kick Them Out

by Craig Garrett

When animals fight one another on the streets and other public places, it may frequently become a source of entertainment for many people. However, when the fight is brought into their house, and someone’s store, things get serious. Outside on the streets, two bulls are fighting. They suddenly burst into a shop while locking horns, leaving the owner perplexed and anxious.

The Facebook account of a user named Yogesh Kureel shared CCTV footage of the shop that the two bulls chose as their arena for the big fight. In the video, we can see some movement outside the door which is not easily decipherable at first glance. However, very soon, a bull comes in through the door, startling the shopkeeper completely. He tries to drive it out by pouring a bottle of water on it. However, he is visibly shaken throughout the ordeal.

Even before the shopkeeper could put his plan into action, another bull came in and started fighting with the first one. The man tried to drive them out, but they were too wrapped up in their brawl to care about him. We don’t get to see how it ends–the video cuts off at that point. Although the video has been taken down on Facebook, it has been shared on Youtube. If you’re curious, take a look below.

It is fortunate that the shopkeeper was behind his desk, otherwise, he might have been badly injured in the altercation. Many people watching the video were concerned about whether or not the store was harmed as a result of the fight. One thing is for sure, the bulls seemed fine.

The bulls aren’t the only animals roaming stores

No one seemed to consider that maybe the bulls just wanted a good deal at the shop. A deer in Jackson, Michigan was on the prowl for low prices. A video shows the deer wandering the aisles of a dollar store. Recently, shoppers were pleasantly surprised when a female white-tailed deer wandered into their local Dollar General store. Footage of the event was shared on the Mlive Youtube channel.

Connie Macguiness was shopping that day and managed to grab the video of the price-conscious deer. “I was shopping and I heard a commotion coming from the front of the store,” she told Mlive. “I heard people calling out ‘Oh no!’”, she said.

MacGuinness recalled that she turned around to see the deer walking directly toward her down the aisle. “I was stunned for a quick minute, then got out my phone,” MacGuinness explained.

Elmer Hitt, director of Jackson Police and Fire Services, said the department received a report of the animal’s escapades at around 12:46 p.m. on August 19th. Within a few minutes, JPD and Jackson County Animal Control personnel arrived. They did their best to assist with the deer’s release from the store. “It seemed as scared as we were, but it didn’t run around or seem upset,” MacGuinness said.

MacGuiness was told by another shopper that they saw a deer walk into the store through an open sliding door located at the front of the building. After about 20 minutes, the deer was finally guided outside by police. This was after they barricaded the aisles with boxes and carts. Reportedly, the doe left without purchasing any items.