WATCH: Two Rattlesnakes Battle It Out to See Who Gets the Girl

by Amy Myers

Nothing charms a rattler like a pretty lady in waiting, and that’s exactly why these two timber rattlesnakes began duking it out in Giles County, Tennessee.

It’s not clear whether the female rattlesnake was going steady with one of the studs. However, both were determined to win over the fair maiden with their shows of masculinity. Whether the female actually stuck around for the fight, though, is still unclear.

A bystander captured the intense duel from just a few feet away, a bold move considering these reptiles can grow up to seven feet long and have venom strong enough to put you in the ground. Luckily for the person behind the camera, though, the two suitors were only interested in defeating one another.

In the clip, the two rise high into the air, trying to gain the upper hand… or rather, upper neck. It almost looks like a lethal version of a thumb war. They bob and weave around each other until one finally makes a move and smacks his competitor into the ground. However, the fellow rattlesnake quickly recovered and was ready again to face off.

Take a look.

We’re not sure who won the fight, as the video ends before either can declare victory. It’s possible that one of the fellas gave up before he sacrificed his life for the lady serpent, but part of us wants to believe this was a fight to the death.

North Carolina Mom Witnesses Similar Rattlesnake ‘Combat Dance’

Further east, a North Carolina mom got an even closer look at the deadly dance that timber rattlesnakes engage in. According to Amanda Hooper, she discovered the two rattlers while exploring the Cradle of Forestry in Pisgah Forest with her family.

Like many witnesses of the “combat dance,” Hooper initially thought that the two competing males were actually lovers. With their tails even crossed over each other, it does look like a romantic moment, but as we know, these men are far from friends.

“In the video I assume they are a mating pair but when I posted to a Snake Education Group on Facebook I learned that they were actually a pair of males fighting for mating rights to a female that was close by but never saw,” Hooper told News 13 in a Facebook message.

“It was a great educational opportunity for my young boys,” Hooper continued.

As before, Hooper didn’t catch who won the battle for superiority which likely means that the dance is a long and arduous process. Still, with how intense the fight looks, there’s no doubt the lucky lady snake felt special after the display.