WATCH: Unbelievably Lucky Kayaker Gets Pummeled by Waves, Lands Safely on Jagged Rocks

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A wild outdoors video shares the moment that a kayaker gets absolutely pummeled by waves. The clip puts us all on the edge of our seats holding our breaths. We are certain the video will end in tragedy as we watch the waves shake up the kayaker and his vessel are thrown about in the water, headed right towards an island of jagged rocks.

However, what could have become a painful tragedy turns almost hilarious with a bit of miraculous luck. After the waves take the vessel and its rider on an incredibly bumpy and frightful ride the very fortunate kayaker gets tossed on top of the jagged rocks. Landing perfectly safe at the very top…avoiding what seemed certain to be a dangerous encounter.

This Lucky Kayaker Catches Their Breath After Escaping Tragedy Among The Dangerous Waves

The unbelievably fortunate boater and the vessel somehow ended up landing upright on the jagged rocks. This comes after multiple waves knock the boater and the vessel around for quite some time. The video’s caption says it all, really noting “I thought he was going to die.”

This crazy footage shows us a kayaker who miraculously escaped a potentially deadly situation. However, another kayaker wasn’t quite as lucky as they faced the currents eventually getting trapped under a rushing waterfall.

A Kayaker Gets Trapped Under Waterfall As Others Rush To Help

A recent shocking video shares the moment a kayaker struggles under a waterfall as others rush to help. According to one of the kayakers on the scene, the area where the vessel and its rider were caught in an area dubbed “the drop.” This is an area, notes Jose Milan one of the kayakers on the scene, that has a small jump. However, this unlucky adventurer got caught in the fall in a dangerous turn of events.

“We call it a drop, which is a small jump,” explains Jose Milan of the area where the rider was stranded.

“We stopped before to analyze the situation a bit.” He then explains of the area. Milan was quick to come to the aid of the trapped kayaker as rushing water pounded on the rider. The water was so forceful that Milan had a hard time even moving his hand through the rushing waterfall to reach the kayaker. Thankfully, however, the rider was able to emerge from the falls unscathed with the help of quick-thinking rescuers.

“Just shows how dangerous mother nature is even when she looks nice,” another kayaker says of the harrowing moment.