WATCH: Unsettling Footage Shows Monster Shark Lurking Right by Coastline

by Megan Molseed

Some recent unsettling footage taken by a California paddleboarder shows a massive shark as it lurks along the Pacific coastline during the Labor Day holiday weekend. The sighting happened over the weekend on the same day that a woman was attacked by a monster shark just off the coast of Hawaii.

A San Diego Paddle Boarder Gets Some Unbelievable Footage Of One Shark As It Lurks Near The Pacific Coast

Paddleboarder Andy Kubik recorded the unnerving footage of sharks lurking in the shallow waters just off the coast of Torrey Pines beach in San Diego California. Kubik caught the glimpse of the ocean dwellers by attaching his GoPro camera to his paddle board, he reports. Take a look at some of the unsettling footage here.

“You’re pretty much guaranteed to see one [if] you paddle down there in the morning and afternoon,” Andy Kubik says of the ocean dwellers. Kubik goes on to note that he saw as many as seven sharks in the waters during his paddleboarding session. All of which had “different fins” and they were each of the sharks were different sizes, Kubik adds. However, despite the many sightings of the fierce predators he has claimed, none of the sharks have shown any aggression.

The fact that he’s not an open swimmer calms Kubik a bit, as well. He tends to not get frightened by the sightings while on his paddleboard. However, his kids did get a little “spooked” when they saw a fin at one point. Experts have yet to identify the shark featured in Andy Kubik’s images. However, they are believed to be great whites.

Great White Nurseries Are Migrating South Towards The San Diego Coast

According to reports, in the San Diego Union-Tribune, free divers spotted a great white along the Torrey Pines coast while spearfishing later last month. According to experts, the great white shark nurseries are continuing to migrate further south.

However, these sharks were not aggressive to the spearfishing divers.

“The [sharks] did not interact with divers during this time,” notes Sean Homer. Homer serves as a lieutenant in the California State Parks’ Sand Diego Coast area.

A Vacationer Is Attacked Just Off The Maui Coast In Hawaii

All of these sightings come around the same time as the devastating attack on a 51-year-old french woman who was wading just 100 feet off Hawaii’s Maui coastline. Reports note that the victim suffered a dangerous shark bite along Paia Bay following heavy rain. The rains created murky elements in the ocean waters at the time of the attack, officials note.