WATCH: Utah Man Releases Incredibly Angry Mountain Lion He Accidentally Trapped

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

It’s always interesting to watch a man vs. beast viral video, but this one involving a mountain lion might be worth remembering. You are going to see a three-plus-minute video with an animal caught up in a trap. A Utah man accidentally did this. He obviously feels bad for the mountain lion.

But we’re going to see him work diligently to release the animal. Yes, this man is going to risk life and limb, it seems, to let the lion loose. It is quite amazing to see how patient this man is when collaring the mountain lion. We see him make a couple of efforts to corral him. Well, once it’s done, then the man will go and free the animal from the trap. As we said, it’s something that you have to see to believe.

People in the comments section of this video were giving this man his props. Some of them were just amazed at the Utah man’s patience and willingness to work on this trap. As you can tell, he does take his time in freeing the poor mountain lion. Oh, the lion does hiss in the man’s direction. You cannot miss hearing that hiss at all. Yet watch what happens when the animal is finally freed. The mountain lion will pause for a minute, then head back into the wilderness.

Utah Trail Runner Attacked By Mountain Lion

If you catch this freeze frame of the mountain lion, then you can see him captured. His front left paw is snagged by this trap. Then, we start to hear the Utah man talk about this situation. We all can see him go and snag the lion around his neck. It takes a couple of chances for him to get it done. Once he has the lion caught, then he will maneuver his way toward the trap. Even he has a little trouble getting the lion free immediately. Yet he will make his way over and use his hand to let the animal loose. It’s quite an honorable thing for this man to put himself at high risk.

In other mountain lion-related news, a Utah trail runner would get attacked. But her friend was in the right place and at the right time to hit the animal with a rock. That scared it away and off of the trail runner who got attacked. The woman suffered lacerations and scratches. But her injuries were labled as non-life threatening ones. The women reportedly fled the mountain lion and eventually called 9-1-1. Wildlife workers would go find the animal and eventually euthanize it. It was a close call for these trail runners but they managed to escape.