WATCH: Video Shows Hog Nose Snake’s Mesmerizing Defense Tactic

by Sean Griffin
(Photo By Jerry Holt/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

This hog nose snake’s defense tactic is more mesmerizing than you could ever guess.

In the viral video shared below, we see a hog nose snake curling up in a person’s hand, its body coiling around and moving its body in a patterned formation. The snake’s body almost looks like a conveyor belt as it churns along.

Then, near the end of the video, after it has completely nestled itself into the man’s palm, the snake lunges toward the camera.

“A hog nose snake going into defense mode is mesmerizing,” Outsider wrote in their caption to the video below.

However, while the hog nose in this video appears to be aggressive, they are usually rather timid snakes. Hog nose snakes are known to “play dead” to hide from predators or to avoid being eaten.

The snakes have been observed watching its predator while still pretending to be dead. The snake will “resurrect” sooner if the perceived threat is looking away from the snake.

However, on the other hand, pythons prove much more dangerous to humans.

In this insane viral clip, the owner is brutally attacked by its python from its terrarium. The huge animal wraps itself around the woman’s arm and leg before she gets it off with the help of another person.

This video was posted by Rex Chapman, the former Charlotte Hornets standout and current broadcaster. In his caption, he wrote: “her own snake attacked her. Snakes will snake…” He then added “how’s your anxiety?”

Pet Snake Viciously Attacks Owner, Wraps Itself Around Arm

The clip has garnered over a million views online. You can watch the incredible clip here.

The clip starts innocently, as the snake owner opens up the led of the terrarium and the snake, which appears to be a python, peeks out.

“Hi, baby girl, hi,” the owner tells the snake.

Then, it scoots toward its owner before snapping at her wrist, quickly coiling itself around her arm. She walks back toward the terrarium with a surprisingly calm demeanor. However, after around twenty seconds, you can clearly see that the woman starts growing worried with the snake’s attack.

The person filming the incident asks whether he should keep filming or help. The woman says that he can continue filming the encounter, showing that she was still confident that she would be soon released from the python.

In the clip which runs for nearly two minutes, the owner and another man in the clip struggle with the reptile, trying to uncoil it from her arm to no avail.

Eventually, the man and the woman pull the animal out of the terrarium and start struggling with it in a tight-quartered workshop space.

The woman grunts and fights with the python as it continually squeezes her arm and wraps itself around her leg. However, the woman remains calm, saying that this is why you always have two people when feeding the snake. Moreover, she instructs the other man on their options.

Blood from the woman’s arm starts dripping in the video as they use a metal device to try and pry the animal off her. The cameraman asks if he should stop filming and start helping, and the video abruptly ends.