WATCH: Video Shows Hurricane Ian’s Catastrophic Damage to Boats in Fort Myers Marina

by Shelby Scott
(Ted Richardson/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida on Wednesday as a terrifying Category 4 storm. The monstrous hurricane unhesitatingly flooded, and even washed away, entire neighborhoods, homes, and piers. Now though, officials have finally been able to begin surveying the full extent of damage done during the storm. Some regions have also established what will surely become a devastating death toll. Amid all the destruction, new drone footage captured the extent of the decimation at a single Fort Myers marina. And it shows boats, big and small, tossed about like toys.

Floodwaters from Hurricane Ian have slowly begun to recede in Florida as the storm batters other regions along the east coast. However, the video shows various sections of the marina still pretty deeply covered in water. Every section of the marina highlighted in the drone footage shows boats shoved up against one another. Some were completely demolished alongside nearby piers and docks, while others were seen almost entirely submerged in murky, brown water.

Amazingly, trees lining the marina managed to withstand the 150-mile-per-hour sustained windspeeds brought on by Hurricane Ian. Still, with boats littering the place, it’s safe to say there wasn’t a single region of the marina left unscathed.

Hurricane Ian made its third landfall in South Carolina on Friday after completely devastating Cuba and regions along Florida’s west coast.

Hurricane Ian Kills Power for 350,000+ Residents Across Carolinas

Ian struck South Carolina on Friday as a much-reduced Category 1 storm. But it still brought devastation to the area. Flooding occurred almost immediately and more than 350,000 residents across both North and South Carolina were left without power that same day. While that number hardly compares to the 2.5 million Floridians that lost power during the hurricane’s second landfall, it still demonstrates the sheer might of the storm as the swirling monster formed days ago in the Atlantic before even making contact with Cuba.

Hurricane Ian made its third landfall in Georgetown, South Carolina though nearby states felt the impact of the storm. Alongside the Carolinas, 15,000 residents in Virginia also had no power. Two days after making contact with Florida, 1.7 million individuals are still in the dark.

Aside from power outages, officials have also begun to establish a death toll. By Friday, officials counted 21 confirmed deaths as a result of Hurricane Ian, with more likely to come over the next several days. As Hurricane Ian makes its way up the east coast, Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson spoke out about the devastation.

“Watching the water from my condo in the heart of downtown, watching that water rise and just flood out all the stores on the first floor, it was heartbreaking.”

Before the destruction began on Wednesday, President Joe Biden authorized the deployment of federal aid in order to help state and local organizations across Florida.