WATCH: Viral Video Shows Driver Being Rescued From Raging New Mexico Floodwaters

by Sean Griffin

Insane videos and photos have emerged after a New Mexico flood left a man stranded on his car in raging floodwaters.

The incident happened early Saturday following an attempted crossing of the Felix River. The Felix River sits between the towns of Dexter and Hagerman, outside of Roswell.

Dexter Fire & Rescue Fire Chief Justin Powell said in a Facebook post that the driver was “quickly overtaken by the fast-moving water.” He said his vehicle was still floating down the stream during the rescue.

“First responders had initially checked [a] crossing finding no one and no vehicle, and immediately spread out to all other crossings to try and locate the victim,” Powell wrote. “Once the vehicle and driver were located approximately 1/4-1/2 mile downstream, Dexter Fire and Police quickly assessed the driver for any injuries and other victims.” 

Video of the rescue shows a first responder attached to a rope as he tries to get a harness on the man. Photos later show the man in waist-deep before finally reaching the shore.

Additionally, Powell provided a warning to all people traveling during floods.

“This morning’s incident should be a huge reality check to anyone who tries to cross any low water crossing when it’s running. It does not take much water flow to push you off roads and carry you away,” Powell added. “This incident could have been much worse and we thank God it wasn’t. No one wants to have to turn a rescue into a recovery.” 

New Mexico Floods Along with Other Southwest States in Recent Weeks; Man Rescued in Arizona

Places across the southwest, including cities like Dallas, are experiencing massive floods lately.

A few weeks ago, a 75-year-old man in Arizona was rescued from on top of his Jeep after a rushing flood stranded him.

An onlooker saw the man drive into the waters around 2 p.m. on Friday, August 12. He drove into this wash on Estrella Road near Agua Fria Drive in Golden Valley. The Mohave County Sheriff’s office confirmed this in their news release. They report that the fast-rushing water tipped the Jeep over on its side. The bystander then called 911 and reported that the Jeep’s driver sat on top of his overturned car.

The water rescue comes days after the ongoing monsoon season saw other folks in need of rescue. Multiple operations took place last week to rescue citizens from floodwaters.

The vehicle overturned onto its passenger side in the turbulent waters. It got carried down the wash, rescuers said.

The 75-year-old man was seen sitting on top of the vehicle at the driver’s side door. Due to the location of the Jeep in the wash, rescuers determined a helicopter would make the most sense. They performed a one-skip maneuver and hoisted the man to safety.

“He is very lucky to be alive,” the rescue team said. “Search and Rescue wants to remind everyone to never drive through flooded roadways – Turn Around, Don’t Drown!”

Mohave County marked one of several counties in the area under a flash flood watch through Friday.

Meteorologist Brian Planz said about 1.25 inches of rain fell overnight in parts of northwest Arizona and other areas west of Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, floods continue wreaking havoc on communities.