WATCH: Warthog Narrowly Dodges Blindingly Fast Attack From Stealthy Crocodile

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

It wasn’t spidey-sense that saved a thirsty warthog recently…but it was definitely something. The hyper-aware animal was able to jump out of the way of a hungry crocodile while sipping water from a pond. Despite the animal’s shockingly fast – and extremely stealth – attack.

At first, all things seem serene in the Nature is Metal Instagram post. The warthog appears relaxed and content as it sips water just off the pond’s shoreline. However, as with areas in the wild, there is danger lurking just below the surface. And soon, the warthog will be running for its life.

This Thirsty Warthog Barely Escapes With Its Life

As the Instagram video begins, we see absolutely no sign of danger as the warthog takes a short break for a drink of water. However, it isn’t long before some company makes itself very known, lunging out of the water hoping to catch the warthog in its impressive jaws.

“Warthog dodges a split second attack,” notes the caption written alongside the jaw-dropping Insta post. However, the post continues to note that this female warthog was able to escape with her life. But barely.

There Are “No Ripples” Or “Water Movement” Signaling The Danger Lurking Below

As the Instagram post continues, the Nature is Metal page notes that a “slo-mo” speed at the end of the clip shares just how close the warthog came to losing her life. However, it was a wasted attempt for the crocodile. Score one for the warthog!

“If you watch the slo-mo at the end, you can see just how close the crocodile actually was,” the Instagram caption notes.

“[Before] launching itself at the occupied shoreline,” the message adds. The clip is extra impressive – as is the warthog’s escape – when we notice that the crocodile set off zero clues that it was ready to leap from the water. In fact, there are zero clues that we can see suggesting the animal is even there!

“No ripples,” the comment continues.

“[No] water movement of any kind,” the message adds. But, the page notes, “close” isn’t close enough.

“[Despite] being that close, a wasted attempt,” the social media post reads.

No Snack For This Hungry Crocodile!

From the looks of the video, it seems that the warthog lucked out amazingly well based on where the croc decided to pop out, surprising the thrust animal. The warthog has just enough time to jump out of the way…stepping back for an instant before running to safety. Then, the crocodile decides to retreat into its watery hiding spot. Waiting for the next parched snack to approach the water’s edge.