WATCH: West Virginia Man Pets Rare Piebald Deer in Incredible Encounter

by Sean Griffin

Most deer you’ll ever encounter are incredibly skittish around humans, and rightfully so. They’re conditioned to be naturally cautious. However, when deer are domesticated or feed by humans often and from a young age, they can radically change their natural behaviors and become accustomed to human contact. In this video, a piebald deer encounters two people and clearly shows it is used to people.

In this footage from West Virginia, a man and a woman encounter a piebald deer on the side of the road. The video shows the man petting and playing with the deer. The deer has lost its natural fear of people through obvious domestication or at least human contact. It wears a bright red collar and reacts curiously to the people on the other side of the guardrail.

The collar was most likely put around the deer’s neck to caution hunters from shooting.

The buck, much like a dog, seems to love the scratches and pets it receives from the man. Piebald deers are incredibly rare, and it’s even rarer to have an up-close interaction with one like this.

You can watch the video of the interaction below.

Animals considered piebald include ones with patterns of unpigmented spots on their hair, feathers, or scales. Animals that commonly inherit this genetic condition are cattle, cats, birds, dogs, deer, foxes, horses, pigs, and snakes.

Viewers React to Piebald Deer Video

Oftentimes, piebald deer possess genetic deformities that come with their condition, as is the case with this specific deer. The deer has a clear humped nose, a common deformity among these deer. However, other than his deformed nose, the buck seems to be rather healthy.

However, approaching the piebald deer wasn’t the wisest decision. Approaching animals in the wild, regardless of the collar that indicated he was familiar with humans, is generally best avoided. The footage appears to be taken during the fall months, during the rut. This is when bucks are most aggressive, and this piebald deer’s rack was large enough to damage anyone on the receiving end.

In most states, it remains illegal to raise wild deer.

Plenty of viewers of the video reacted in the comment section on YouTube.

One person said they’d never heard of a piebald deer. “Wow! Never heard of such a thing. Thanks for sharing.”

“Seeing this was awesome, hope this buck is still alive today!” another commenter wrote.

“I’ve never seen a deer like him. He was beautiful,” one person said. “There are definitely some shooters out there that give us hunters a bad name. You never shoot any “wild” animal with a collar. Geez.”

“Very cool I hope he fathers more piebald babies,” another user said.

“Such a beautiful majestic creature,” one person said. “So gentle and sweet.”