WATCH: Whitetail Buck Absolutely Massacres Decoy It Mistakes as Competitor

by Amy Myers

You know you have a good decoy when a whitetail either tries to mate with it or destroy it. In this case, it was the latter.

In the middle of a field, an eight-point buck walked up to a similarly sized decoy that refused to back down to the real-life deer’s advances. Clearly frustrated with the plastic competitor’s indifference, the deer plowed forward, knocking the head mount clean off and stomping the rest of the body as the attacker made its getaway.

Likely, the hunter recording the incident was waiting patiently behind a blind, though for whatever reason, they decided to shoot a video instead of a deer. Perhaps they thought they would have more time to hike their rifle to their shoulder before the whitetail buck disappeared. Either way, it ended up being a pretty comical encounter for the rest of us.

Take a look.

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Whitetail Doe Defends Fawn Against Bobcat

The vengeful buck isn’t the only whitetail whose fierce footing has landed them in the spotlight recently. In another clip on TikTok, a protective doe and her fawn were traveling through tall, thick grasses, unaware of the predator stalking nearby. Just as the mama deer began to pave the way up the hill, the slinking bobcat attacked, preparing to drag the unsuspecting fawn away.

But the doe was too quick and was on the predator in two struts, smacking the bobcat into the ground with her hooves. Thankfully, the bobcat got the message and hurried away from the fawn and its cautious mother.

“Dissatisfied with the brazenness of the bobcat, mom decided to dole out a little wild justice and caught the marauding hunter on the downstroke with both hooves,” the caption on Instagram read.

Rescuers Help Deer with Snout Stuck in Gatorade Bottle

Yet another deer to make headlines was a whitetail that also mistook another human-made good for something more natural. Typically, whitetail deer will forage for a variety of shrubs, grasses and flowers, but the occasional sweet-smelling substance will attract them, too. That’s how this poor fella ended up with its snout jammed in a Gatorade bottle with no way to get it off.

Thankfully, though, a group of good samaritans recognized the animal in need and went to work freeing the creature from the plastic muzzle.

“Our Urban Wildlife Program staff received a call regarding a doe that had part of a Gatorade bottle stuck on her nose,” Georgia DNR wrote. “Luckily for the doe, it was just stuck on the top part of her snout, so she was still able to breathe, eat and drink normally.”