WATCH: Whitetail in Rut Squares up to Huge Bull in Illinois

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Harry Collins

In a viral video, a bull and a whitetail deer went head to head, or instead head to antlers, resulting in a fantastic clip. The buck decided to go after the bull in an Illinois pasture — lucky for us; someone was nearby to capture it on film.

When Hunter Weber of Buckley, Illinois, shot the video, he knew it would probably go viral. According to reports, he spends his days scouting deer nearly every day in November. While he’s clocked a ton of hours studying deer, this incident was something he’d never seen before.

In a clip that lasts just over a minute, a young whitetail buck squares up to a bull and charges him. They share a couple of blows and do a lot of posturing in front of one another before the event comes to a close.

It’s also interesting that a whitetail was enthusiastic about going toe-to-toe with a one-ton bull. However, it’s even more significant that he won the showdown. The hollow confidence combined with a lack of intelligence of a rutting buck will always fascinate us.

Although the video originated several years ago, in November of 2020, it’s recently been popping up around the internet. In the clip, it’s evident that the bull was surprised that the deer decided to go after him.

Rutting season for whitetails: what to know

As previously mentioned, it looks like the whitetail went after the bull during a rutting season, when deer look for mates. Rutting season typically starts in the middle of October and goes to early December, when bucks are most energetic to find a mate. During this period, bucks will go after other animals, humans, and even inanimate objects as they consider their threats.

During the rut, deer behavior changes, and hunters must watch for those changes in order to tag a successful kill.

For deer hunters, rutting season is actually the best time to harvest a buck, as deer become more energetic during the daylight hours, making them easier to see and kill. During some periods of the rut, some deer might even wander off into open areas during the day.

Unlike other seasons, finding a doe during the rut also means there’s usually a buck nearby. However, the constant activity of bucks means that hunters need a proper setup to increase the chance of tagging a buck when it’s time to line up a shot.

In addition, peak breeding season, also known as rut hunting season, happens between the last week of October and the first two weeks of November. However, hunting the other phases of the rut can also produce good results if you use the right tactics with the right amount of patience