WATCH: Wild Bear Climbs Up Building, Sends Villagers Running in Crazy Video

by Shelby Scott

Black bears are expert climbers, spending as much of their time dozing off in treetops as they do rummaging through your garbage cans each week. However, one wild bear demonstrated what hauntingly looked like parkour as he attempted to climb onto a nearby rooftop. Take a look at the insane footage below.

According to Unofficial Networks, the ridiculous footage of the brazen black bear was taken in China. What made the animal’s determination even more terrifying is that the bear seemingly had little to no fear of humans.

Instead of dropping from the platform after either seeing, or smelling or hearing the two people on the roof that close, it continues pulling itself up onto the platform. That’s in addition to the person we can see on the ground, actively throwing rocks at the bear. Nevertheless, the bear continues its trek up the side of the building, planting its feet on either wall and trying to climb up onto the roof that way.

Given that none of the typical tactics for scaring off a black bear worked on this particular individual, we have to wonder, what exactly was the determined creature after?

500-Pound Wild Bear Killed After Terrorizing Neighborhood

Not all bears are mild-mannered and afraid of humans as we saw in the clip above. Back in the states, a Maine hunter killed a massive 500-pound black bear that had been terrorizing his neighborhood for years.

The bear, known as the “Zodiac,” had been a target for hunter Jamie Lambert for years. And after multiple missed opportunities, the Maine resident was able to bring the large bear home.

Lambert’s kill came after the wild bear had been roaming a good friend’s, Mike Clough’s, property for several years. Clough, speaking about the animal’s antics over the years, said, “That bear terrorized my neighborhood…He was a bird feeder ripper. He was around houses.”

Clough, tired of the bear’s frequent destruction of his and his neighbor’s properties, invited Lambert to begin hunting his property several years ago. Though, given the amount of time it took for the hunter to finally bag the bruin, it certainly wasn’t easy. Clough further detailed all the work Lambert put into the years-long search, sharing insight about his pursuit of the creature.

“A bear of that caliber is so smart that it takes a certain type of hunter to actually kill [one] like that,” Clough explained. Of hunter Jamie Lambert, he added, “There are very few people that I know who are as good as Jamie.”

While Mike Clough can finally rest easy knowing the 500-pound menace will no longer be terrorizing his neighborhood, the kill was also memorable for Lambert. Before tracking and killing the Zodiac, he said, “My biggest bear before that was 205 [pounds]. I’d seen big bears on camera, but to see that one on the ground is just a surreal thing.”