WATCH: Wild Bunny Snacks on Garden Section of Colorado Walmart

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Wolfram Steinberg/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A shopper in a Colorado Springs Walmart found a critter making itself right at home in the garden section. A wild bunny was feasting on the plants there, happily paying no attention to anyone else.

In the ten-second clip, the bunny munches on a few potted plants as it stands on top of them. The camera pans to the end of the aisle, seeming to wonder if anyone else notices. Then, it zooms back on the rabbit as it continues to feast on the wide selection provided.

The person who filmed the hilarious encounter said it occurred way back on April 28th. Ironic, considering this bunny was out and about right around Easter.

“After I took the video, I left him there to finish his snack,” the filmer wrote.

You can see the clip of the hungry bunny below.

One person commented on the YouTube video with a sarcastic comment. “If it’s on the shelf, that means it’s for sale, right?” they wrote cheekily.

We’d have to imagine that shortly after, someone rescued the bunny and freed it from the store. However, it’s not unreasonable to think it may come back for seconds whenever it gets the opportunity.

Colorado Springs is the largest city in El Paso County. It had a population of 478,961 in the 2020 United States Census. That count represents a 15.02% increase since 2010.

Bunny Killed By Hawk Just Days After Being Rescued From House Cat

However, while the other bunny had a great time inside the garden section of Walmart, another rabbit wasn’t so lucky.

The Instagram account NatureIsMetal posted a video of this rabbit darting through a backyard before a hawk swoops down and quickly captures him. The hawk’s movements are quick and decisive, and the bunny seems to be dead as soon as the hawk lands on top of it.

“One week prior to this crazy video, this baby bunny was saved from the jaws of a suburban menace (house cat),” the account wrote in its caption. “Upon release, it seems her demise was only paused.”

You can watch the viral clip below.

“Look, you see him, there he goes,” the man filming says as the rabbit dashes across the yard. Then, suddenly, the hawk’s shadow appears and the bird descends upon the bunny.

“Oh, my God,” the man says as the hawk carries away the bunny over the fence and away to feast.

People took to the comment section to react to the viral video, with many people having similar reactions. Some people were mad at the man for releasing the rabbit into an open field. Others were just impressed with the hawk.

“The way the shadow just drops on him… damn,” one commenter wrote.