WATCH: Wild Turkey Breaks Into Home and Wreaks Havoc Before Smashing a Window to Escape Police

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

We have a story about a wild turkey that might make your head spin. In a viral video that helps form this story, it shows the end of this bird’s rampage both inside and out of the Ohio house. Getting a call like this one is something that probably has never happened to the Miami Township Police Department.

The entire scene was captured on a police officer’s body camera. The State reports that police officers found a large wild turkey in one of the home’s rooms. Well, the wild turkey broke into the house and knocked books and papers to the ground. There were even shattered pieces of glass in the video. As for the homeowner, who also was filming the scene, the person watched an officer slowly get closer to the bird. You can hear flapping noises in the video.

Wild Turkey Literally Went Wild Inside This Home

This officer grows closer to the bird. Now, the wild turkey is just frantically flapping his wings against the window. When did it stop? Well, it did when the bird dropped to the ground. It then moved toward a corner. Now, the officer pursued it with a large net, the turkey smashed through the window. The homeowner said in the video, “That poor turkey though,oh, I feel so bad for it. I feel so bad for it. It’s probably hurt.”

An officer had the turkey in the net with its feathers sticking up. So, they walked toward the door. The bird continues to struggle. At this point, the bird would erupt from the net. It hit the floor and actually flew itself back into the room.

Now, there’s more chaos going on here. A number of large crashing noises can be heard here. It appears that we can tell that the turkey would find an escape route. Yep, it was through the smashed window. That officer wearing the body camera ran to close and lock the home’s front door to stop that turkey from re-entering the home. This Ohio homeowner would comment on the police department video that they later boarded up the windows. In case you don’t know, Miami Township is located about 40 miles north of Cincinnati.