WATCH: Wild Turkeys Knock on the Door at Arizona’s Chiricahua National Monument

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Fall is here and with it come the turkeys! Many people all across the country are likely to notice these guys venturing out and about in one way or another. It’s the time of year that turkeys emerge, gathering in a variety of areas in the wilderness, throughout the countryside. Some are even trekking into rural or urban neighborhoods from time to time. And, as one hilarious video shows, a few turkeys have chosen to visit some of our nation’s national parks – even if it’s after hours!

In a recent Twitter post, the National Park Service shares the hilarious moment when a group of wild turkeys comes a-knockin at the Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona. And they seem to be steadfast in their mission pecking at the door despite the fact the location is closed for the evening.

“When the visitor center just closed,” notes the hilarious Wednesday Tweet shared by the National Park Service.

However, this tweet offers a hilarious theory as to why these unusual visitors are tapping on the glass. Suggesting that these feathered friends are just looking to get a passport stamp!

The Chances Of A Turkey Taking Us Down May Be Low, But They Are Never Zero

Then, the tweet hilariously addresses the potential danger the wildlife could pose to others in a situation such as this. After all, turkeys aren’t known to be particularly docile birds!

“Remember,” the hilarious tweet notes.

“Your chances of being taken down by a turkey are low,” the comment continues. “but never zero. Gobble! Gobble!”

Massachusetts Residence Are Facing An Unruly Flock Of The Big Birds

This group of turkeys stopping in to visit the Arizona national park’s center are on the calm side, tap-tap-tapping fairly gently on the glass. However, turkeys aren’t always so calm as residents in one Massachusetts town learned the hard way.

An unruly flock of turkeys has been terrorizing one Woburn, Massachusetts neighborhood attacking people as they go by. And, the whereabouts of this flock isn’t always known so the danger could be lurking pretty much anywhere.

“The most aggressive one is Kevin,” notes Meaghan Tolson one of the area’s residents in a conversation with CBS News.

“Then there are three ladies because their coloring isn’t so distinct,” Tolson adds.

“It’s Esther, Gladys, and Patricia,” she adds, noting that Kevin is the one causing the most chaos. “Even if you are parked, Kevin will try to get in your car,” Tolson relates.

“You have to open your passenger side door,” she explains with a laugh. “And lure them over there, then make a clean break to the house.”

“They always go toward [my neighbor’s] car, so she will refuse to leave her house if they are going toward her car,” says another neighborhood resident. “There have been times I’m trapped in my car, can’t get out, and have to call family members. They usually bring an umbrella. It takes a team.”