WATCH: Wild Video Shows Bald Eagle Swoop Down To Snatch Angler’s Fish Out of His Hands

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes you get a little more of the outdoors than you bargain for. Then, you find yourself playing catch with a bald eagle. While out fishing in British Columbia, a group of anglers was being followed by a bald eagle. The large raptor was keeping up with their boat as it went along the water. But, what happened next was more of a circus routine than an act of nature.

Large raptors like eagles are generally not too fond of people. These birds, both adolescent and fully grown, are stunning to watch. Their eaglets can be heard a good distance away from the nest and they are one of the most accurate predators flying the skies.

Their keen eyesight and sharp talons make for a mighty beast. And also a fun feathered friend in this case. Watch as the eagle prepares itself and catches this bait fish that was thrown out to it. Just amazing to see.

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Just watching the video is unbelievable. There are likely a handful of people who can say they’ve done this or anything similar. If that bald eagle could have caught up to the boat and snatched it straight from the man’s hand I think it would have. That could have ended up being an entirely different ending to this video.

At least the bird didn’t keep coming back, trying to take away all of the fish these guys had in their chum bucket. While this bald eagle probably didn’t need to be given a meal, it makes its day a lot easier to get a meal this way instead of the traditional way.

In Canada, the life of a bald eagle isn’t always easy, though.

Bald Eagles Try to Fight Off Hungry Bear

When you’re out in nature, things get intense quickly. Even for bald eagles, who are used to ruling the skies, there are beasts waiting to take advantage just below. Eagles typically have a nest pretty high up. However, there isn’t much that can stop a determined and hungry bear. Canada is filled with all kinds of wildlife and bears sit at the top of the food chain.

In the video that you can watch here, the bear decides to make his way up the tree. It isn’t super tall, and the weight of the animal almost bends the tree over. An eaglet waits in the nest above, and surely the bear was able to hear it for some time before making the decision to get after it.

Despite the best efforts of both the mom and dad of this little eaglet, the bear was the winner in this situation. Getting himself a much-deserved and well-earned meal. That’s life out in the wild when you’re a bald eagle.