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WATCH: Wild Video Shows Hawk Moth Pop Out of Cocoon in Woman’s Hand

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A wild video is going viral on Reddit right now featuring the moment a hawk moth pops out of its cocoon. It’s a clip that is simultaneously fascinating and a little bit gross as the creature wiggles and struggles to emerge from its cocoon.

This amazing video features a five-spotted hawk moth squirming its way out of the cocoon case. Giving us a first-hand glimpse at the final stages of metamorphosis. So far this video has amassed an impressive number of views as well as more than 49,000 upvotes on Reddit.

In Nature, These Moths Emerge While Underground

The unique video was posted to Reddit by OneHumanPeOple and features the moth emerging from the chrysalis. It’s a bit of a struggle for the moth at first. And, as it tries to break through, the moth leaves behind a strange pale liquid on the hand of the person holding the cocoon. “But eventually, it is out and ready to take off into its next phase of life!

“As a general rule we shouldn’t touch moths,” says OneHumanPeOple of the unique video.

“But I do have an explanation as to why I lent this one a hand,” the Redditor continues. According to the Redditor, they raise the moths above ground, and this video shows one of the dozens they have raised.

“In nature, they emerge underground and the soil all around them provides the friction needed to wiggle free of their chrysalis,” the video poster explains.

“Since I raise them above ground, they may struggle and become exhausted just pushing against air,” OneHumanPeOple says of why they lend the moth a hand. “I observed this one having a tough time before I picked it up and started the video.”

The Video Is Extremely Interesting – And A Little Bit Gross

According to the Redditor who shared the video on the popular social media site, the yellow liquid left behind by the moth is the feces that build up during the moth’s pupation process.

“There is a lot of waste created during metamorphosis,” OneHumanPeOple explains. “and they excrete it the first chance they get.”

“Of course,” the person behind the video continues. “Lots of people are grossed out and that’s understandable.”

The five-spotted moth has an adult-stage wingspan of about 5.1 inches. They feed primarily from large, fragrant flowers. The moths love the nectar produced by primroses or pricklyburrs.

“I think metamorphosis is one of the most awe-inspiring events in nature,” OneHumanPeOple says of the unique video.

“We need moths and butterflies,” the Redditor continues.

“They are an integral part of our ecosystem,” they add noting that “humans have a responsibility to pollinators. “We are the cause of their decline. That’s our mess to clean up. I feel a sense of both duty and awe. Bugs are rad.”