WATCH: Wild Video Shows Man Slap Bear To Protect His Girlfriend and Dogs

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

In this insane viral footage, a man protects his girlfriend and his dogs from a bear that barges onto their property.

In the crazy video, the man slaps at the huge creature, which appears to be a North American brown bear.

The man and woman are first shocked when they see the bear as both start screaming. However, the man quickly jumps into action. First, he makes himself appear much bigger to the bear, and he even strikes the bear across the face while yelling at it. Eventually, he grabs a huge shovel and a trash can lid and starts banging them together to make as much noise as possible.

The heart-pounding clip can be seen below.

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The man even uses the shovel to deter the beast, which seems to linger in the area for a minute until the footage ends.

The entire time, the man had his tiny dogs on a leash while fighting off the bear—talk about impressive. He stopped the bear in its track when his right hook landed.

The bear seems stunned when the man struck him, along with the man’s partner, he stands at the edge of the frame watching her companion scare off the bear.

Apparently, the man didn’t suffer any injuries during the encounter. User Anthonymooren174 posted the clip to TikTok on Wednesday. 

Thanks to his efforts, he saved his dogs and girlfriend from injury.

We don’t know whether the bear in the clip was ever caught. However, the video has been seen by over 3.1 million people after being posted five days before.

The incident reminds people, especially ones in bear country, to always have proper protective measures in place, like secure fencing. Experts also advise people to keep bear spray handy.

Bears Kill the Chickens of a South Carolina Woman

A woman from Pumpkintown, South Carolina is now pleading for people to not feed bears in the area. Multiple bears recently ate her chickens and destroyed much of her backyard.

“If you have chickens and do not have electric fence, beware,” Amy McIntosh Allen posted in a community Facebook page.

“The damage was just shocking,” Allen told WYFF News 4.

She claimed that over the weekend, a mama bear and two of her cubs came to Allen’s home. Then, they destroyed her run and ate six of her chickens.

“They did not move with a bear horn,” Allen said in the Facebook post.

She continued, writing: “They just looked at me. They finally left after some rounds fired in area. They came right back and tore a solid wood door in half to get to my only remaining living chicken!”

Allen said there was no food in the building they broke into, fortunately. She also told WYFF News 4 that about four weeks ago, the family had tried to open the coop door.

“These guys are not shy and they could care less if humans are around,” Allen wrote in her post.

Now, Allen is advocating against feeding the animals, begging people in the area to do the same.

“We understand this is their habitat and we respect that but we really need people to stop feeding them so that the bears will be shy around humans again,” Allen said. “Someone’s house is going to be next with these.”