WATCH: ‘Wildlife Enthusiast’ Pets Wild Young Bull Moose

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Wolfram Steinberg/Dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images)

In this video below, a self-titled ‘wildlife enthusiast’ pets a wild bull moose in Québec, Canada. While we strongly discourage anyone from ever approaching a wild moose, the results in this video are stunning.

The video begins with the moose walking toward the man. It seems like the man left his vehicle to go toward the animal. However, this was obviously a rookie mistake for the self-proclaimed ‘wildlife enthusiast.’

He puts himself at incredible risk of getting trampled, gored, or even bit by the wild moose. He also potentially threatens the moose’s safety.

The video, located below, provides an up-close look at this majestic creature. However, again, don’t try this at home.

Plenty of people commented on the crazy encounter on YouTube. Most of them were telling the man that he’s lucky the incident remained peaceful.

“This guy is lucky this critter was in a good mood,” one person wrote.

“Maybe if I scratch his chin, he won’t stomp me into a pancake,” another person sarcastically wrote.

“Man’s Hella lucky to touch a moose,” one person said. “Things will trample ya and not even think twice.”

“How to lose your whole hand in seconds,” another commenter wrote.

“The moose gave him the ‘You ok, homie?’ look and left without elaborating further,” a final commenter wrote. “What a cool moose.”

WATCH: Police Rescue Moose Tangled in Park City Hammock

Two sheriff deputies helped free a tangled moose from a hammock in Park City, Utah back on September 14.

The moose had wandered into a backyard, where local resident Francesca Paglione says she sees the big creature frequently.

However, she claims the incident occurred when the moose started trying to fight the hammock. The woman claims that the animal was most likely trying to impress a cow moose nearby.

When they saw the animal, Paglione and her husband called law enforcement. However, the Department of Natural Resources who would normally handle the case was a few hours away.

The sheriff’s department stepped up to the task, arriving within ten minutes. The officers cut the hammock in a few locations, and the beast was freed. It took off into the woods once it was freed.

Footage of the hilarious incident is located below.

KSL News described the rescue as “a bit stressful” for everyone involved in their special on the incident.

Paglione said that her cat first spotted the animal and alerted her. “He was sparring with the hammock, and you could tell that he was agitated. He had some deep breathing going on.”

Apparently, the cow moose stuck around, keeping an eye on the moose as he wrangled with the hammock. However, officers eventually freed him to reunite with his mate.