WATCH: Wildlife Photographer Has Terrifying Close-Up Encounter With Grizzly Bears in Alaska

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Ali Ihsan Ozturk/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

This wildlife photographer in Alaska endured a dangerous encounter with a few grizzly bears.

World traveler @patrick1carney often takes wildlife photos on his travels, risking his health to get up close pictures of these majestic creatures. On a trip to McNeil River in Alaska, he and his fellow photographers got a little too comfortable with a local group of bears.

In the suspenseful video, the bears never have any outward aggression but still appear to want to mark their territory. The bears also give an intense staredown to the photographers. This brave bunch of photographers and the grizzly bears can be seen below.

@carneys_adventures Getting a close up encounter with these amazing bears at McNeil River. #bears #grizzly #grizzlybears #coastalbrown #alaska #travel #adventures #seaplane #canon #canonphotography #mcneil #river #wild #wildanimals ♬ original sound – Carney

“I’ve been on this seaplane tour. It was terrifying and awesome at the same time. Guides did not have guns, only flares,” reminisced @marylynnw1. “McNeil is not Katmai. The rangers here do have shotguns… say they’ve never had to use them,” Patrick corrected.

Luckily, these photographers were able to get out of this sticky encounter unscathed. In a recent encounter in Wyoming, two wrestlers luckily escaped a near-death experience with one of these bears.

“Way too close. Endangering you and them,” one person wrote in the comment section.

“The moment you realize the bear sees you too,” another person wrote.

Wyoming College Wrestling Teammates Speak Out After Being Attacked by Grizzly Bear

Two students attending Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming suffered serious injuries after being attacked by a grizzly bear during a shed hunt in the state. The incident occurred on Saturday, October 15. While both young men survived, they currently are receiving medical care in a Billings hospital.

Sophomores and wrestlers Kendell Cummings, of Evanston, Wyoming, and Brady Lowry of Cedar City, Utah, were attacked while out with two other wrestling teammates.

Top Story with Tom Llamas’s official Twitter account posted a video where the wrestlers recount their horrific experience.

“It was a big bear. Looked scary, mean. Teeth, drooling, breath stank. It bit me on the arm, shook me around, threw me,” Brady Lowry recalled when asked about the bear.

The bear then attacked Brady, biting his arm and shaking him around.

Kendell Cummings used his body as bait to distract the bear, and it left Brady behind and attacked Kendell. He received awful injuries and remains in the hospital.

“That’s when it got my head and cheek,” Kendell said from his hospital bed in the news report. Brady’s dad thanks Kendell multiple times during the filming, at one point calling him a “hero.”

The attack occurred near the Bobcat Houlihan trailhead on the Shoshone National Forest. The area lies southwest of Cody, Wyoming.