WATCH: Heavy Winds Blowing Through Black Sand Creates Rare ‘Sand Snake’ Phenomenon

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The word “vacation,” for one reason or another, has primarily beachy connotations. However, a new video that’s gone viral on Twitter has thousands of viewers wanting to take a trip to Iceland. Footage of a rare natural phenomenon known as “sand snakes” has attracted loads of attention online and, after viewing it ourselves, has us looking to book plane tickets as well.

At first, the woman in the video seems to be standing on top of some strange body of water, the sand snakes in the clip similar to ripples and currents we see in streams and rivers. However, as the caption suggests, the “sand snakes” are actually created by wind blowing through Iceland’s black sand. The rarity of the strange phenomenon is what makes the clip so captivating.

Viewers flocked to the clip on Twitter with a bunch of comments. But, unsurprisingly, many of them got a sudden case of the travel bug in hopes of seeing the “sand snakes” for themselves.

“Fascinating to see!” one Twitter user wrote. Another added, “Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on planet earth!”

A third viewer, mesmerized by the sand snakes, commented, “Wherever this is I need a trip here.”

Florida Tornado Sends Beach Sand Into Spiral Frenzy

While the United States coasts boast some beautiful beaches, we certainly won’t see anything quite as unique as Iceland’s sand snakes in places like Florida and California. That said, some of our most popular beaches still see impressive and powerful weather events. Recently, a tornado near Fort Lauderdale’s Plunge Beach Resort sent beachgoers running, with a swirl of wind and sand whipping bystanders’ faces and bodies.

Footage of the beach tornado shows swirls of wind picking up beach sand and setting it in a spiral. The gritty funnel moves back and forth across the beach, partially blocking out buildings and other large objects behind it in the video.

At first, despite the severe weather and near-black clouds, things remain relatively calm. The beachgoers simply stand by and watch the sandy funnel make its way up and down the beach. However, once the wind sets an umbrella soaring through the air, people start to scatter.

Local meteorologists provided further information on social media regarding the funnel that struck Fort Lauderdale earlier this month.

“FLORIDA TORNADO,” WINK’s Chief Meteorologist Matt Devitt wrote on the platform. “Waterspout pushed onshore today in Fort Lauderdale by the Plunge Beach Resort…hurling sand and umbrellas into the air before weakening.”

The video saw tens of thousands of views, though the people seen in the clip didn’t exactly receive positive feedback. Multiple Twitter users commented on the beachgoers’ lack of common sense as 90+ mile-per-hour winds struck the beach.

“I am continually surprised at how many people go to the beach when there are storms in the area,” one critic wrote.