WATCH: Wisconsin Twister Caught on Security Camera

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Jason Persoff Stormdoctor)

An unexpected twister was caught on a security camera as it rips through a busy Wisconsin intersection, Destroying trees and branches in its wake. This shocking moment of extreme weather even landed terrifyingly close to vehicles driving along the roadway as the twister touched down at the intersection. However, there were thankfully no lasting injuries resulting from the wild moment as the tornado touched down on the street.

A Small Tornado Spins In The Streets Shocking Residents Who Watched It All Unfold

Residents of the West Allis Wisconsin area knew full well that the storm blowing through was likely to bring with it some major events…including tornados. However, even as the tornado sirens were blaring all over the southeast Wisconsin town last week, residents had no idea exactly how fast and unexpected the twister would hit.

“I was shaking like crazy,” says Megan Berther who witnessed the entire event from the window of her family’s business. Berther adds that she was shaking for “a good half hour.” She adds that the terrifying moment, which is caught on the footage led her to bouts of shaking. Even after everything was calming down.

Berther continues recalling how she was peeking out of the windows watching to see if the sky was getting darker…as is what usually happens with these types of storms. Then, all of a sudden, she noticed the tornado blowing through the intersection. “My heart stopped a little bit,” she says.

Many Area Residents Did Not Expect The Storm To Get As Bad As It Did

Just down the road from Berther’s business, another area resident, Jeffery Pastor witnessed it all unfold from his porch.

“I was outside and saw a bunch of leaves blowing,” Pastor says as he recalls the wild moment in which the tornado hit the area.

“I didn’t expect it to get this bad,” Pastor continues. “So when I came up to the front, a bunch of branches fell down.”

The Neighbors Were All Quick To Clean Up

Pastor and the other neighbors removed the fallen tree limbs and debris that fell, blocking the road. However, just before the twister hit, Pastor recalls not believing the storm would be as serious as it was.

“I did hear the tornado sirens,” Pastor relates.

“I didn’t think it was going to be too serious,” the Wisconsin resident continues. “Till it actually passed.”

The events that unfolded will remain in the memories of the Wisconsin residents. And, thankfully the tornado left no lasting marks before finding its way back up into the sky.

“I was very happy that nothing got hit,” Berther says.

“No one got hurt,” she adds. “There’s no damage to anyone’s house.”