WATCH: Wolverine Casually Walks Past Biker With a Goat Head in Its Mouth

by Craig Garrett

A biker riding trails and enjoying the great outdoors crossed paths with a wild wolverine that was a bit preoccupied. Kelly Willett was mountain biking in Anchorage, Alaska when they captured the rare footage. The animal is infamous for its temper and vicious behavior. This video shows the notorious beast being pretty laid back, though.

According to the caption, Willett was passing through the region when a wild wolverine began to walk toward them. As it approaches the individual filming, it’s apparent that something enormous is within its maw. At first, it appears to be a skunk or an opossum. A small critter you could imagine the squat predator nabbing. However, when the animal gets closer, it becomes clear that his prize is something more unique.

That’s right, he’s carrying a severed goat head in its jaws. Watching the video, you can’t help but be impressed by the biker. They’re supremely calm and steady as the wolverine gets closer. At one point, the wild animal pauses, as though he’s considering the biker. However, he just carries on, minding his own business. The biker just wordlessly continues filming.

Do wolverines have an unfair reputation?

The wolverine, the largest member of the weasel family, is stocky and muscular with a reputation for being mean. Male wolverines can weigh up to 55 lbs. and reach a length of 3 ft.

Wolverines feast primarily on carrion and can travel over 30 miles in a single night to scavenge if needed. They often follow trails made by large predators such as wolves and lynx, with the intention of finding leftover carcasses. Despite their impressive stamina, wolverines have been known to attack prey many times their size–though these instances may be exaggerated.

Howard Golden, a researcher for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, weighed in on the animal‘s reputation. While they are built for scavenging, they can be “more predator than scavenger if the situation allows for it,” Golden explained. This bold predator has large teeth and a powerful bite that can crush bone.

“A lot of myths about them are way overblown,” Golden explained. “People attribute magic powers to them, but they’re just doing their thing, looking for food. They are curious, smart animals and they figure stuff out pretty quick. They are smart enough to run down a trap line, and that’ll make trappers mad. But it makes sense that they’d do that – there’s always food on these trap lines.”

However, Golden stresses that wolverines are no more vicious than other wild animals. “They’re not extra aggressive, they avoid trouble,” he said. Wolverines are often solitary, but the “bad-tempered loner” image contributes to the idea that they are really antisocial. Golden went to a facility in Washington where about 40 wolverines reside. They had a large common area, and he stated that they were quite tolerant and social with one another.