WATCH: Wolves Filmed Foraging for Blueberries in Rare Footage

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A group of wolves was filmed foraging for blueberries in the woods over the summer in new rare and unique footage.

Voyageurs Wolf Project, which studies packs in the Greater Voyageurs ecosystem in Minnesota, shared the footage of a mother and her pup looking for blueberries. “Rare footage of wolves eating blueberries from this past summer,” the organization shared. “And the first footage of a mom and her foraging for blueberries together that we are aware of!” 

The Voyageurs Wolf Project further revealed the only other footage of the animals eating blueberries, to its knowledge, is the video that it posted a few years ago. “This past summer was a bumper blueberry crop and every Wolfe we studied spent extensive time foraging on blueberries. Our research has shown that berries can make up to 83% of the weekly diet of wolf packs during the berry season!”

It was further noted that the new footage only shows members of the Paradise Pack. “We got footage of 3 of the 4 adults in the pack eating berries and then obviously footage of the pup. Only 1 Paradise Pack pup was alive at this point from what we can tell.” 

The organization’s website reveals that the Great Voyageurs Ecosystem (GVE) is an 1800 km southern boreal forest area that includes the national park. Its northern border is the U.S.-Canadian Border. The ecosystem notably various wildlife. This includes wolves, lynx, black bears, bobcats, coyotes, fishes, and moose. 

Voyageurs Wolf Project Urges People to Feed One of the Wolves 

Meanwhile, the Voyageurs Wolf Project cautioned people about feeding one of the animals in the area late last week. “Yesterday, we watched folks feeding this wolf out of their car,” the organization shared. “And it is clear others have been feeding this wolf as it readily approaches vehicles looking for handouts.”

This is the animal that was seen on the roadside just south of the Voyageurs National Park. “The [animal] has been seen repeatedly for several weeks and is undoubtedly the most photographed wolf in the history of the Voyageurs area!” It was explained. However, no one should consider feeding the creature because then it will become habituated to people through food. This obviously can cause problems. 

There have also been instances where animals like this one had to be killed due to people feeding them. As the creature became habituated to people, it was deemed a threat to human safety. “So, if you see this wolf from your car, enjoy the sight of seeing a wolf in the wild. But please help keep this wolf wild—don’t feed it!”

Voyageurs National Park also warns on its website for visits to keep food in containers. It’s also advised to not to feed other wildlife. This includes bears.