WATCH: Woman Finds Raccoon in Christmas Tree, Chaos Ensues

by Emily Morgan

One Florida woman got an early holiday surprise when she woke up in the middle of the night to find a raccoon hiding in her Christmas tree.

Aubrey Iacobelli, who posted the clip to Facebook, thought a cat had crawled through her doggy door, so she went to investigate in her living room around 4 a.m. on Dec 10. However, upon further inspection, Iacobelli soon realized it was a marsupial species taking up space in the tree. Unsure how to proceed, Iacobelli recruited the help of her dog.

“There’s a cat inside my Christmas tree. Git!” she says in the video while poking the tree with a frying pan. “C’mon, get out of my tree!” she exclaims.

Raccoon Causes Christmas Commotion

Things seemed to go from bad to worse when the dog started chasing the raccoon around the house, knocking over the tree, furniture, and breaking glass. You can hear the two animals going at it in the video by hissing and barking at one another.

As her dog whines, she tells the puppy, “I know, I want him out, too!”

“The raccoon ran away from freedom. Jumped on my chandelier where it swung there for like 30 minutes,” Iacobelli told the local station.

Later, you can see the woman trying to get the raccoon to come down from her light fixture. At around five in the morning, she films herself using a broom to shoo the raccoon away after the dog chased it around the home.

“I just knew that there was something there, that shouldn’t have been there. I saw a furry body in the Christmas tree,” she told WPTV.

Iacobelli said her dog was fine after the fight and only received some minor scratches.

“That was my Thursday morning,” Iacobelli says in the footage. “Now that I’m not right there in the moment, it does seem kind of funny.”