Watch: Woman Slides off Boat, Comes Face-to-Face with 8 Foot Shark

by Matthew Wilson
Watch: Woman Slides off Boat, Comes Face-to-Face with 8 Foot Shark

A Miami woman’s boat ride turned into a scene from Jaws when she found herself face-to-face with an eight foot shark. Iso Machado celebrated her birthday in style on her friend’s boat on Aug. 28.

Machado decided to go down an inflatable slide on the boat that releases into the ocean. She didn’t realize an unexpected shark had swam close to the boat and slide.

“Oh my god, oh my god, Mom! Don’t freak out, don’t freak out!” Machado’s son Anthony called out to her. “Wait, this isn’t funny.”

The shark swam straight for Machado. Her son’s friend Kevin Sarota captured the terrifying moments on camera. Those on the boat worried for the woman’s safety.

“We were worried and immediately jumped in to make sure Iso was okay when it changed directions,” Sarota told Jam Press. “It bumped her then continued on its way.” 

Machado wasn’t frightened by her close encounter with the shark, but instead, she felt fortunate to be so close to one.

“She was actually really happy and felt lucky to see one so close,” Sarota said. The group believes the shark was a nurse shark, which isn’t generally known to be aggressive to humans. According to National Geographic, the creature’s name may derive from the sucking sound it makes when it hunts for pray in the sand. The creatures are bottom-dwellers. They have strong jaws with thousands of teeth. The sharks can grow up to 14 feet in length

In North Carolina, a couple of beach-goers helped a stranded hammerhead back into the ocean after it became tangled in a fishing line.

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