WATCH: Woman Holds Tiny Blue and Yellow Colored Octopus Without Knowing it’s Highly Venomous

by Jon D. B.

The young woman and three friends passed the octopus around for minutes, completely unaware that one bite can paralyze an adult human within minutes – and there is no known antidote.

Adorable? Yes. For touching? Absolutely not!

When viewing wildlife, especially in a foreign place, the “no touching” rule is more than just recommended – it’s paramount. It could save your life. Luckily, this young woman walked away from her encounter with the world’s prettiest – and most deadly – cephalopod: the blue-ringed octopus.

The young lady in question, one Kaylin Phillips, posted the footage to her TikTok on Monday. In the short time since, it’s become a viral sensation. Mostly due to the knowledge she now possesses and imbued within, while she is in Bali “unknowingly holding one of the most dangerous animals” directly in the palm of her hand.

“There were about three of us passing him around,” Phillips continues in more recent TikToks adressing the incident. “I didn’t think anything of it,” she adds. Well, she certainly does now!

In her now-viral clip, which you can see below, Phillips casually holds the blue-ringed octopus as it slips across her palm. Another friend nearby throws water on the sea creature in an effort to “aid it.” In hindsight, however, the forceful gesture could’ve cost Kaylin her life. Though that was forfeit the instant she decided to pick up brightly-colored wildlife she’s unfamiliar with!

“Cheers for still being alive,” Phillips writes to cap off her clip, with the caption reading: “Called my dad crying 3 hours later in Bali!”

This Pretty Octopus is Not a Toy, Repeat: Not A Toy

Phillips’ TikTok begins with footage from several years ago, when she and some friends were studying abroad in Bai, a subsequent video reveals. For this edit, which is the one that’s gone viral, she includes her recent research, in which she discovered the following:

  • Blue-ringed octopus are deadly animals and should never be handled, touched, or prodded.
  • Never pick up a blue-ringed octopus
  • Their venom can paralyze a fully-grown human adult in less than three minutes
  • There is no know anti-venom
  • Seriously, don’t touch these. They will kill you.

What a whiffer. Much like this gent, who refers to himself as the “reptile wrangler.” You can assume how it turns out. With a lot of blood.

“Okay, so my last video is getting a lot more attention than I expected,” she continues in her latest post. “I took this video about three years ago while I was studying abroad in Bali,” she adds.

People, however, cites that she was “working on a documentary about animal welfare” at the time. Wait, what!?

Really, Kaylin Phillips!? May the Wildlife Conservation Gods help you in your future journeys. Don’t pick up any snakes either, okay?

“The last week we had allotted for editing, and there were a couple of days in between, so we decided to go to Uluwatu Beach. While we were there, we saw really interesting wildlife,” she clarifies.

“When we saw this little guy swim up, we picked him up. There were about three of us passing him around,” she adds. “We actually saw another one similar; picked that one up as well…”

C’mon, Kaylin. You’re smarter than this! In truth, we’re just glad you’re still alive.